Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yoo Seung Ho in “Like a Star” second MV teaser

Having released a teaser yesterday featuring actor Yoo Seung Ho, the second teaser for Taeyeon andThe One’s collaboration single, “Like A Star,” has just been revealed.

Yoo Seung Ho makes yet another appearance, and this time, he’s reunited with actress Park Eun Binfor the MV (they had previous collaborated for the drama,”The Legend“, a few years back).

The two play as a couple for the MV, and the teaser explores their tender memories. Viewers are left feeling nervous, however, as it appears that the full MV will end up telling a heartbreaking tale.

credit Allkpop/youtube

Seunghoya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^


khin said...

Yes, the first time I saw YSH on "The Legend". I like him since than and now even more 'cause of a little Jisub and they both look good to each others. I can't wait to see his new drama.
Thanks my chingu..your book is on your way^^

Hind said...

hi my chingu ^^ i havent seen Seunghoya in 'The Legend' but ive seen him in 'Sad Love Story' he was so cute in there ..ive been neglecting him these past days, only watched some episodes from his new drama but i planning to love him more nowadays kekeke...thanx so much again for the book dearie ^^