Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yoo Seung Ho in “Like A Star” MV teaser

SNSD’s Taeyeon has teamed up with The One for a duet track titled, “Like a Star.” Before you guys get all giddy, only the music video teaser has been released today.

Actor Yoo Seung Ho features in the music video, and just by listening to the brief 50-seconds of the teaser, we already get the vibe that it’ll be about a heartbreaking love story.

Taeyeon and The One’s duet digital single will drop on November 17th.

credit yuriu86@youtube/Allkpop

Seunhoya!!! im sorry ive been neglecting you lately, your hyung needed me kekeke but you know i love you right??

he's so lovely in this teaser, made me cry & smile like a pabo..cant wait to see the whole MV on the 17th^^

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