Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More pix from Road Number One promotion in Japan

Huge thanx to dear Charlesriver@soompi thread for posting the link to these gorgeous pix, they've been shot during RN1's promotions in Japan, i so love Jisub's hairstyle in here , his outfit as well ^^ KHN & YKS look gorgeous too ^^
heaps of thanx to KHN's Baidu friends ^^


kritsann2117 said...

First I must thankx for the news of his perception,Hind.I love this drama a lot.It's the great drama of the year for me.So ji sub 's the best actor.But I felt tired for him when I watched this drama because it is the role that look very heavy.But come what may,I will see to the end because I like So ji sub a lot,thankx again.

Hind said...

@ Kritsann : you're welcome dear ^^ & you're right RN1 was a very tiring drama for Jisub, physically & emotionally but he was great in it ^^ loved every scene he acted, every little tiny scene ^^ im so much looking forward his next work, he said it's a movie, but didnt explain much ^^