Thursday, March 31, 2011

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun wants to shoot a movie like "Rough Cut"

my sis (who is a die hard fan of SS501 ^^) came across this interiew of Kim Hyung Jun/Baby where he talks bout Rough Cut, the boy just rose in my top list haha

im gonna post the part where he talks abut the movie, he was asked about acting with SS501 leader Kim Hyung Joong & what kind of movie he'd like to make..

News: TV Daily
taken from :

Kim Hyungjun, “I want to shoot a movie like ‘Rough Cuts’ with Hyunjoong hyung”

It isn’t only music that strikes in common for SS501. Including Kim Hyungjun, Kim Hyunjoong, Park Jungmin and Kim Kyujong have all tried their stand in acting. “Acting with Hyunjoong hyung? I hope that it’d be something like we two could never meet each other because of a fatal affinity… I want to shoot a movie like ‘Rough Cuts’. I want to try the role like So Jisub-ssi’s with that cool and handsome profile accompanied by an appealing voice”.

Omo omo!! isnt he cute ^^

"Only You" BTS pictures 31.03.2011

As already mentionned, So Ji Sub's new movie "Only You" begun shooting on the 31th March, here are some BTS , not as many as i expected though ....he's with long hair mmmm

credit DC

edit 1 : more pix from DC

edit 2 : more more pix from 3asian

[51K updates] new pix 28.03.2011

More official pix from 51k were shared by dearest Sarvin via April ^^ isnt he the sweetest thing?? wish he can gain some weight though, something i can dream of since the shooting already began & he's gonna loose more weight in the process aaaaaah !!!

lunch special

credit 51k

Take Style Feb. 2011 Vol 2

Credit above/Coconut Milk@Soompi

Take WallPapers

Huge thanx to deaerest Coconut Milk for the links & pix ^^

Download Take2 screensaver -->

 Download wallpaper 

So Ji Sub watches in Giordano pics

Oh my Goodness!! the second watch is pure heaven, i want one , i want one, mmm eventhough it'll look like a big stone in my wrist haha but can i have both the watch & the man ??? 

huge thanx to dearest Coconut Milk @ SJSJ Soompi Thread for the links & info ^^

Jisub's watches from Giordano CF / FOCE -

Sport Chic Collection SE-1 Chrono 43004G1 -

credit on pic

So Ji Sub @ LG Event 22.03.2011

youpppie my sweet lovely connection is back ^^ so likewise back to work right?? kekeke

on the 22nd March, Jisub attended an event held by LG, his co-star in the newest movie"Only You" HHJ was also present.

credit Cyworld/DC/Soompi

a video of the event :

credit kikicocoful@Youtube

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So Ji Sub at Hessian event

So Ji Sub attended an Hessian event on the 17th March (plas feel free to corect me if im wrong)..

credit DC/Soompi

[51K updates] Kollection/Take - 18.03.2011

my connection is killing me, i need to figure out what's wrong , it took me almost 10 minutes to upload these pix aaaaaaaaaaargh

huge thanx to dearest Sarvin@SJS Soompi Thread for sharing this gorgeousness ^^

credit 51k

A Small Note

Anyo ^^

wish you're doing fine out there ^_^

been some time since i last blogged..ive been busy the past days with some family matters & didnt have time to post any update *sad face* but because im a SJS addict i was sneeking in soompi from time to time to see if there's any thing new & there always was, so huge thanks to my chingus @ SJS Soompi thread for keeping it alive & for feeding us kekeke

i hope my connection'll be good & let me update & post pix & vids *praying*

lots of love ^^

Friday, March 18, 2011

So Ji Sub's message to his Japanese fans about the earthquake 17032011

in korean :


입니다 소지섭.

네요 오 다가 이 일주일 벌써 ....

면 접할때 에서 텔레비 과 인터넷 매일 를 뉴스 최근 의 일본,

입니다 느낌 듯한 지는 찟어 이 마음 정말.

들었습니다 다고 계시 살고 이 분들 많은 꽤 에 지역 피해 의 지진 이번.

됩니다 이 걱정 심히 가 안위 들의 그분.


마시고 하지 실망 절대, 시요 마십 잃지 를 용기.

주며 씻어 서로 를 상처 받은 가 우리 그리고, 되고 이 위안 가 서로 우리,

습니다 좋겠 있었으면 될수 힘이 의 서로.

또한 저, 입니다 마음 하는 있었으면 될수 힘이 들의 여러분 이나마 조금.

할지 필요 이 시간 많은 얼마나 앞으로, 될지는 이 안정 야만 지나 이 시간 많은 얼마나 또

지만 모르, 하겠습니다 하도록 기도 위하여 들을 여러분 항상.

십시요 마 잃지 를 용기.

소지섭 일 17 월 3 년 2011 

in japanese :















2011年3月17日 ソ・ジソブ

"Only You" updates

at last here'r some news about Jisub's new movie" Only You" : the following pix were shared by a blog ( link below) & by dear Charlesriver@Soompi.. that seems to be the script reading & the ritual celebration .. 
i love Jisub outfit ^^ especially the shirt ( im not sure about the name keke) , the sunglasses, the head band , the jean, the shoes keke i know yes everything kekeke
im so envious of HHJ, you know i like the girl but i cant be not jealous right?? we cant right?? kekeke she's sitting on Jisub's right aaaah *sigh*

here are the other cast so far : 

강신일 / Kang Shin Il as Coach Choi
 박철민 / Park Chul Min as coach Bang
  조성하 / Jo Sung Ha
  Wee Seung-bae
 Jin Goo in Cameo role

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[Article] So Ji Sub, Han Hyo-joo to begin shooting new movie "Only You"

no much news lately, except for this kind of articles telling us nothing more than we already know *sad face* 

Hallyu star So Ji-sub and actress Han Hyo-joo will film their upcoming new movie starting this month, according to the film's producer Showbox on Tuesday.

Showbox announced in a press release that production for the movie "Only You," starring So and Han as the leads, will crank in at the end of this month, while the film is set to open in theaters in fall.

"Only You," helmed by critically acclaimed director Song Il-gon whose previous works include "Flower Island" and "Spider Forest," tells the love story between a former boxer and a woman who gradually loses her eyesight. So will play a boxer with a rough personality yet gives his all to the one woman he loves, to be played by Han.

Han, 24, rose to stardom throughout Korea and Asia after starring as a heroine in several hit dramas including "Brilliant Legacy (2009)" and most recently appeared in historical drama "Dong Yi - Jewel in the Crown. (2010)"

This will be her first time since 2009 to take a role on the big screen since starring in "Postman to Heaven" also featuring JYJ member Jaejoong.

So, 33, is one of the most popular actors in Korea and has appeared in numerous TV dramas and movies since his debut in 1996. He became a household name in Korea and Asia with his roles in 2004 hit series "Something Happened in Bali" and "I'm Sorry, I Love You."

Most recently, he starred in MBC's war epic "Road No. 1" alongside Hallyu star Kim Ha-neul and Yoon Kye-sang.

Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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Friday, March 11, 2011

So Ji Sub 2011Fanmeeting in Tokyo : DVD will be out soon

Edit :
My bad..i guess i was so much waiting for this to happen so i just ruched it by 2 months kekeke thanks dear Nivras for pointing it out *hug*

The DVD of the Japanese fanmeetings Jisub had in the last 27th February will be out in 27/05/2011 ^^ it's subbed in Japanese , is 270 minutes length of Jisub & is ¥ 6.300 (tax included).
the links are below for more information ^^
huge thanx to dearests Coconut Milk@Soompi & Mariko@3asian..