Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Video] So Ji Sub sheering for Incheon Asian Games 2014

As we all know, well i think we all know that, anyway yesterday was the closing ceremony of Guanghzou's Asian games, the next games will be held on 2014 in Incheon, S.Korea..from now on, we will be seeing a lot of stars/celebraties cheer for these games, yesterday we saw Rain on stage ' he was fabulous as always) & today here's So Ji Sub ^^ a video of him cheering up for the next Asian games was uploaded by DCRN1 & shared by our lovely friends @ Baidu ^^


isnt he the sweetest thing ever???


Nivras said...

he is simply sweet & eatable ^___^
thanks dear for the pix & vid...

Watashiwa:- FID DESU said...

guess if he's still in competitive swimming then he will represent korea.ha3 would love to watch him in his trunk

didi said...

i love seeing non-magazine pictures of him. He looks the best this way.....fighting oppa!!!!

Hind said...

@ Didi : he looks 'normal' in these caps haha but he's sweet, i still remember he sheered for Park Tae-hwan in RC press conference if im not mistaken

@ Nivras : you're welcome dear ^^

@ Watashiwa : Jisub's swimming cuts were always my favorites, he's such a good swimmer *drool*