Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[Fan Account] a trip to Seoul : 51k visit & more

im blogging about my chingu khin's 6 days trip to Seoul from Nov 1st with her friends, unfortunately they couldnt attend Jisub's birthday party because it was on the 31st reposting the account she lovenly shared on Soompi..she went to the same places i would go if i have a chance ^^
wish you did have a marvellous trip chingu ^^


First, visit saturn's Jisub's world and bring back Jisub's favorite chips from saturn..

This is my 51k tour..

Noticed a little car park right infront of 51k with 51k logo (wish I have one ;))

and more 51k pixs..

After we finished taken pixs.. our taxi driver ring the bell and one girl came out surprisingly... (per saturn noone ever came out...)

But, that's the girl (51keeper) replied my e-mail before I went to let them know we're coming....

Asked the 51keeper about her boss :rolleyes: said they've got very nice boss... :rolleyes:

Of course... that's Jisub :huh:

Next stop is one of my fav. scene from MISA..

MH's mother house...I did take the pic the way he's leaning to the wall :D
this is the street he carries the girl up to the hill to his mother house..
Next day saturn took us to the PYH's grave...Jisub's dearest friend....still made me cry :(
Left American flag to show our respect..

Still has lots of fresh flowers....RIP dear YongHa...
Well, I wish I can share the pixs, videos with Jisib..but I don't have that luck this time.. :( Hoping will meet him close up and personal like in NY somedays..... :huh:

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