Friday, November 19, 2010

So Ji Sub in new Handphone KT TAKE CF

NewS about Jisub new CF were out some days ago, we didnt know for which brand or which product..the news that came out yesterday (thanx to Charlesriver@soompi) gave us more updates about the product : a cellphone & today we got to know about the brand's name thanx to dear Mariko@3asian ^^

A teaser


kritsann2117 said...

Ohhh!!!! he looks good with his hair excellently,and looks very handsome.I like that,and you, Hind?....

Hind said...

Kritsann dear if i have to count the number of hair styles Jisub had throughout the years id say im in love with each one of them, even the dreadlocks he had for one of the MVs he acted in haha ^^