Thursday, May 27, 2010

Road Number One : Dating scene in Busan!

credit mbc

Drama "Road Number 1" stars So Ji-sub and Kim Ha-neul.

The new drama has So Ji Sub as Jangsoo and Kim Ha Neul as Suyun where they are filming a dating scene.

The two are in a drama set on the 6.25 Korean War. The two main characters have been away from each other because of the war and have united again for a date in Busan open market!

Two stars have been in a model shoot before however this is their first time working together in a drama.

"Road Number 1" shows the two characters sharing happy yet longing, sad, and melodramatic scenes.

This drama also stars Yoon Kye-sang, Choi Min-soo, and Son Chang-min. First episode is on June 23rd.

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Translation : Hancinema

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

from 51k : updates about Kiki

So Ji Sub is such a sweet heart, he heard me saying id die to see kiki's new baby & he uploaded these cute & sweet & lovely pix ^^ i loooooove this namja ♥♥♥
& his hands aaaaah *sigh*

im adding his message in here, have to translate it in a bit ^^ my thanx to our friends in Baidu for this ^^ credit goes of course to 51k ^^

오늘 새 식구들을 처음 만났습니다.

귀엽기만 하던 강아지가 "엄마"가 되어있는

모습은 가히 감동적이기까지 합니다.

이 생명들은 어디에서 왔을까요?

누가 보내서 왔을까요?

눈도 못 뜬 이 작은 생명체들을

강아지라고 불러주기에는 무언가 많이 부족해 보이네요.

아직은 애기들이라고 불러야겠습니다.

우리 애기들에게 이름을 지어주시겠어요?


2010. 5. 24

So Ji Sub cheering for the World Cup

like all Koreans, a picture of So Ji Sub endorsing a red tshirt, representing Korea’s Red Devils soccer team was made public ^^ he's seen in this picture alongside BB, Tiger... looking good in red right?? kkk

Hamingu Fighting ^^

credit DC

from 51k : Road Number One press conference

i havent poste about this before, miane..

ive translated the main points :

Road Number One press conference is settled on the 18th June, some time ago 51k gave 51 seats to the 51 portal's lucky members, yesterday there was another notice from So Ji Sub' official web site : because of the request they received from a lot of overseas fans, there will be an addition of 20 seats for foreign members...

so the ones who want to attend the event will have to send email to 51k with the following :

- a birth certificate , passport pic or ID
- 51 nickname
- Full name
- Contact telephone number
- address email

the email has to be entitled :" Event conference -Foreign "

the event winners will be individually contacted by 51k .

i wish i can be there on th 18th, oh my!! theer's not much time left *gigling*

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Road Number One 1st video caps

Adding caps from the first trailer (u can check it down) , it has some new scenes btw the leads... Oh man,, we're gonna shed liters & liters of tears *sigh*

u know i adore SJS hands so when i saw the scar in this pic, i was shocked then i had to repeatedly tell myself : calm down girl, it's not real, it's not real *cry*

credit DC

Road Number One 2nd video caps

putting some caps of RN1 trailer, im getting more & more jealous by seconds *cry*

credit DC

from 51k : updates about Kiki

we all loved, adored & sometimes envied So Ji Sub's sweet dog Kiki, right?? well even if u want to deny the envy & jealous side u felt, i can see it kkk

so back to the update, on the 18th @ 10 pm, Kiki became a MOM !!! She gave birth to a sweet puppy ♥ im sure he's the sweetest thing one could lay eyes on, im longing to see a pic soon ^^

So in 51k, they opened a thread for this subject, if u want to congratulate the mom u can log in & send ur wishes ^^ i , of course, ran to do so kkk

along side the news was this picture, im not sure what it is, but i guessed it has something to do with the update ( very smart of me i know kkk) so if any kind soul can give us a hint about it, we'll be forever thankful ^^


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Road Number One Trailer released (Edited)

oh my!! what a beautiful surprise i got back home, AT LAST the Triler is OUTTTTTTTTTT ....what can i say about it?? it's gonna be HELL of a drama, im waiting to get jealous, to cry, to smile in June ( well it'll be a lot of crying i guess), a lot of captivating moments in this 1:58 minutes ...enjoy watching it, it's worth it ^^ SJS fighting !!!

1st version 0:40

credit sonicksaran

2nd version 1:58

credit blueychoa

ill post the Dl link a bit later, have to rewatch the trailer again & again kkk

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Road Number One fan support , Bts

Today, while browsing here & there, ive come through an article dealing with the fan supporting the awaited war & love drama 'Road Number One' . Makes one feeling proud when such beautiful news appear, because of all the turmoil & hard work the drama ( every drama) casts goes through , im paying more attention to that thanx to PYH's 'On Air'.
So the articles stated that So Ji Sub fans visited the set about 5 times so far , the same with
Yoon Kye Sang fans. they did deliver lunches or snucks as well as shirts with the drama logo on.
& while conducting an outdoor shooting, Yoon Kye Sang fans prepared 120 chicken servings for the actors & drama staff.


a fierce chot of SJS ♥♥♥
Credit on pic/naver