Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Ji Sub @ 해결사 VIP premiere

on 31 august, So Ji Sub attended the VIP premiere of Lee Jung Jin latest movie : 해결사 ^^
been a long time since ive seen him with something brown, still remembers the brown leather jacket he wore for Sony some time ago, well a long time ago...he's looking gooooooooooood for me, what do u think??

credit on pic

Yoo Seung Ho as ambassador

Actors Yoo Seung-ho and Kim Min-joung were appointed promotional ambassadors for the 2010 Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul on Monday. He's gotten taller, doesnt he??? awwww so cute & handsome kkk

More pix from 'The Way' photobook

adding these pix of SJS photobook collected here & there the past few days. *envy*
Today is the photobook's first day of sale...

thanx to credits

So Ji Sub in High Cut Sept issue

we're being blessed this coming month, so many photoshoot to look forward to..another one is the High Cut Vol 36 (2/9 to 15/9).

credit high cut/Baidu

So Ji Sub : Dooricare CF making

credit lyceum51

So Ji Sub in Giordano

this pic needs a whole post justby herself....they're looking great together no?? *sigh*

Giordano's making me feel like we're in sahara waiting for some drops of water ...kkk

credit 3asian

So Ji Sub Updates

some weeks ago, ive come acroos the following pix, they'e showing So Ji Sub with this old gentelman, who is a well known korean painter, not sure though about his name ( anyone can help??) , they were both seen in the latter's atelier. It was during the trip SJS made in July.

those ones just recently showed up

credit cyworld/Baidu/3asian

Monday, August 30, 2010