Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[51K] Pix Kollection Vivien 26022014

So unreal!!! 

의자 / Chair

무지개 / Rainbow
Credit : 51k

So Ji Sub in Gentleman Korea March issue


credit : Gentleman korea/DC

[VIDEO] SO JI SUB in Vivien 2302201 -Making-

Credit : Vivienkorea

[VIDEO] SO JI SUB in Vivien 23022014 비비안 에어홀릭

Credit : Vivienkorea

So Ji Sub in Vivien -more pix-


So Ji Sub in Vivien 2014

he's so gorgeous .....i cant even....


Credit : Vivien/DC/FB

So Ji Sub in Giordano

Beautiful pix...feeling jealous yet??


Credit : Giordano/Baidu

So Ji Sub Updates

on the 140220 Chinese fans met So Ji Sub in front of the 51k office -1- (credit : Baidu)

& on the 21.02.2014 So JiSub was in Fried Chicken House (cr :DC)

So Ji Sub in Vonin

cant find words to describe these Vonin in love with the 2 first ones *faint*...


Credit : Vonin/Baidu/DC

So Ji Sub in Moneual Cleaner 2014

im posting this year's Moneual Cleaner ads Jisub was in so far ^^ he looks so fresh no?? ^^


Credit : Moneual /Baidu/DC