Monday, May 30, 2011

[Article] So Ji Sub and Lee Mi Yeon Team Up for New Action Mellow Movie

 So Ji Sub and Lee Mi Yeon Team Up for New Action Mellow Movie
With his new mellow movie ‘Only You’ co-working actress Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi) has yet to be released, top actor So Ji Sub (Sorry I Love You, Road No.1) has announced his next project, an action mellow movie called ‘Employee’ which would allow him to co-work with actress Lee Mi Yeon (Merchant Kim Man Deok).

So plays an ex-worker of a contract killing company who decided to quit for a woman (Lee) he loves. However, he later finds out himself becoming a target of his former co-workers.

‘Employee’ is planned to crank in the later half of this year.

Source: Star News / /willnette@SJS ST

Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Love Letter] 23 May 2011

안녕하세요? 소지섭입니다.

지난 16일…

여러분들을 가까이서 만나고, 보고, 같이 연기하면서

힘도 나고 즐거운 추억이 된 것 같습니다.

저 뿐만 아니라 모든 분들께 좋은 추억이 되었기 바라며……

감독님 그리고 스텝분들이 감사 인사 꼭 전해달라고 하셨어요.

같은 촬영의 반복이라 지루하기도 하고

고생하셨을 텐데 멋지게 연기해 주셔서 너무 감사 드립니다^^




Translation by Hind

Hello, this is So Ji Sub
these are the last 16 days
while acting together, we can see them coming close
they will likely become pleasant memories
the director & staff told me not to forget to thank you
the shooting has been boring & repetitive lately
but i am very grateful to you

So Ji Sub

"Only You" BTS pictures -11-

the shooting of 22th May at Incheon Airport

credit DC

So Ji Sub in Giordano "Hug Me"

mmm another morning & other set of Giordano Hug Me pix were shared by dearest Coconut Milk@SJS Soompi thread...
what can i say about these ones?? they're depressing in a kind, why cant i be in SMA's shoes?? wé?? wé?? 
click to enlarge

[Article] So Ji Sub cast as male lead in upcoming film

when ive seen this piece of news, sth told me ive seen it somewhere, esp the movie's name & character maybe it's the very late hour im updatting in the cause...

So Ji Sub cast as male lead in upcoming film

Korean actor So Ji-sub has been cast in an upcoming film, according to his agency 51K. 

An official from 51K confirmed with 10Asia on Wednesday that So will play the male lead in the movie tentatively titled "Employee" set to crank in during the latter half of this year.

"Employee" tells the story of a hitman that decides to quit his job after falling in love with a woman. He later becomes a target of his former colleagues. 

So is one of the most popular actors in Korea and has appeared in numerous TV dramas and movies since his debut in 1996. He became a household name in Korea and Asia with his roles in 2004 hit series "Something Happened in Bali" and "I'm Sorry, I Love You." 

He is currently filming the movie "Only You," helmed by critically acclaimed director Song Il-gon, in which he plays a former boxer named Chul-min that falls in love with a girl who gradually loses her eyesight, to be played by actress Han Hyo-joo. 

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Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Only You" BTS pictures -10-

at last some BTS of Jisub the boxer ^^ looking good as usual ^^

credit cyworld/Baidu

Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Video] So Ji Sub @ VONIN CF The style blue -making -

the making pf the latest Vonin CF is out..check the hottnest ...aaaaah im dying because of his broad shoulders *faint & dead*

Credit kaosh51

[Fanaccount] Saturn's post @ Soompi on "Only You" shooting 18-05-2011

fanaccount by Saturn @ SJS Soompi Thread : 

May.16 Filming report.

The concert scene filming was from 1:30pm to 5pm.
Then we had dinner. The next scene was to be filmed at sunset tiem. so we were waiting outside on the street.
I took photo of Jisub's new car. He must be inside looking at outside, but we couldn't see inside, so we took picture comfortably. :D

Jisub's new car
He loves to write name on the car.

Next scene was audience going out after the concert.
My position was just in front of Jisub.
So I had to be taken a lot of pictures by people on the street.

It's me. :D (pink backpack)
It's mee too. -_-;
My backpack :)

I am in front of black suit and black tie. 8 people in this picture are our fan cafe members.

Before the meeting time, we fans gathered 2 hours early and worked for the snack.
Label printed by my home printer. We put it on Powerade, can coffee bottle and sandwitch.

We're packing snack for movie staffs for 100 people.

A sandwitch, Powerade, can coffee, chocolate, tangerine and a candy are for one person.
It was very hot working on the street parking lot. But all of us were happy.

After the filming, Jisub and his fans took picture together. Maybe it will be posted at 51K website.
I've seen him for 13 years. He is getting more and more generous. He used to be a sensitive guy. But now he is smiling all the time.

After filming, Han Hyojoo went to a restaurant to treat her fans. She stayed there later than us.
Jisub and movie staffs went to other place for a filming of Jisub's scene.
I heard they ate our snack after all the filming was over at night.
It was a wonderful day. And the movie seemed brighter than I thought. My expectation is getting higher.
The weather is getting hotter. So we fans are planning to visit once more to treat them cool fruit. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So Ji Sub in Giordano -BTS-

Jisub's so cute in these BTS pix from Giordano ^^ wish & pray for more pix ^^ cant get enough of his cute side ^^

credit Biadu

So Ji Sub in Vonin 1P

id love to have this standing pic in my room ..oh Vonin !! 

credit Baidu

So Ji Sub in Giordano

cant we have a " hug event" like the one JJH has done some time ago, guess all females will stand in line for one hug from Jisub haha id sell my house & run to korea for a hug haha
these pix are so cute esp the first ones whereas the latests with SMA are depressingly depressing *sigh*

credit Giordano/Baidu

"Only You" BTS pictures -9-

More BTS froom "Only You" shooting ..