Monday, November 29, 2010

So Ji Sub in Jo Sung Mo's wedding 27/11

On November 23rd, Jo Sung Mo’s agency revealed, “Singer Jo Sung Mo & his fiancée former model and talent, designer Goo Min Ji will have their wedding at the Shilla Hotel in Jangchoong-dong, Seoul on the 27th of this month at 6pm.

Since that day, i was wondering if Jisub will be there..Jisub has been in one of Mo's MVs : Mr Flower/My First as Haruki , one of my everytime fav charecters of adding the youtube link, droolin again on Haruki wont harm at all kekeke

credit gamzadori12

so i was saying i ws wondering if he would go & guess what?? he DID, mmm we dont have much pix though but they're so priceless kekeke he went to the wedding with his hyung SSH

why sitting there all by yourself??

oohhh they're so beautiful ^^ congrats ^^
credit DC/3asian/nate


victoriaforever2010 said...

I very much hope ... SOJISUB .. will a day,and ..
who the girl very lucky will hand in hand with him....

kritsann2117 said...

Dear Hind,
Thank a lot for video,news and pic.I like this video a lot.He look handsome and cool.So ji sub in Jo sung mo's wedding look grim and more lonely.I hope that he would like to meet someone soon.

Watashiwa:- FID DESU said...

wish ji sub could be happy..
i just don;t understand some fan who can't leave him alone, he said he use to call han ji min but due to the gossip he have stop.I wish he had not & just follow what his heart ask him to do & not be too sad,,,,,,

didi said...

I dread the day when I see So Ji Sub and his future bride...just let me dream of him for awhile before he is attached to someone. kekeke. I love these pictures of him but he's sitting alone. awwwwwww!!!

didi said...

I was just thinking, the last wedding he went to was in May and that was when Park Yong Ha and the rest of the guys attended with him too. This time it's just him and SSH. So sad!! sniff!! maybe it's bringing back memories for him. I wanna hug him.

khin said...

Yap, these are priceless pictures dear! He looks fresh and happy to see that.
Thanks my chingu!
Didi, yes I was thinking the same thing..sad..

Hind said...

@ Kritsann , Watashiwa : i too wish Jisub can find his soulmate, i wish he'll be happy, seeing him happy is the greatest gift at all *sigh*

@ Didi & My chingu : you're very right, when i saw the pic of him sitting alone, my heart ached...