Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[Fan pix] So Ji Sub Birthday Party 31/10 from YSS

as promised, dear saturn shared with us the YSS's official pix from the 31st Jisub birthday party..she also posted 2 videos from the same event..
click to enlarge

video part 1

video part 2


kritsann2117 said...

Thanx for news and photos,Hind.I want to go to his birthday party a lot.Everyone look so happy and he looks very happy too. The smile on his face look good for me and his fanclub.Be happy,be healthy , hopeful and successful for you and your family,So ji sub.

Hind said...

@ Kritsann : you're welcome dear . Jisub always tried his best to be part of the birthday parties his fans make fir him, he's so nice with his fans..wish ill be able to connect with him through one of these birthday parties too ^^