Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Ji Sub in SSH's "Ghost : in your arms again" VIP 23/11

mmm no fanpix yet , we'll stick with the press ones ^^ so whenever ill come across new pix ill add them in this post ^^
enjoy ^^

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khin said...

He looks so good with the Jeans^^ Little Jisub looks cool too..
thanks dear!

observer said...

He looked great! He is so close to his hyung.SSH's acting looks great. I wish his film the very best. And I hope Ji SUb will have a new project soon. Especially in Japan!

Hind said...

@ My chingu : been a looooooong time since we saw him in blue jeans, he always wears black ones right??

@ Observer : he hasnt yet said anything new about his new project but that it's a movie, hoping to have more updates & news soooon ^^