Friday, November 5, 2010

So Ji Sub Selca 05/11

feels like it's been 500 decades since Jisub took selca pic for us..he did it again, ahhh im so glad he did *wide smile*
& the words he chose are so HIM ♥♥♥

Jisub just posted a verification picture of birthday present from Youngsosa, with the message
" Because I was born at winter, I have a winter-sickness. But thanks to you, I can have warm winter this time."
This big TV is a birthday present from Youngsosa.
credit Saturn@ SJS Soompi thread


didi said...

This picture and message from him made me very very happy today. ahhhh!!!! I'm on cloud 9... and it's also a Friday. Perfect picture to end the week with.

Hind said...

that's a great way to say hi to his fans kekeke
love his selcas, miss them so much ^^
waves dear Didi ^^