Thursday, April 29, 2010

Video of the fan account of RN1 shooting

remember the fans from Baidu & their wonderful encounter with So Ji Sub in RN1 location shooting?? yes yes those lucky fans .well her's a video they kindly shared in Baidu & was posted in Youtube....So Ji Sub is HEAVEN kkk

Road Number One updates [DL Added]

a small video of Road Numbe One, So Ji Sub & his co-stars cheering for the drama...

credit kikicocoful@youtube
Dl :

translation of So Ji Sub's words by Hind: 

Road Number One에서 이장우 역할을 맡은 소지섭입니다.
올해 최고의 드라마 Road Number One 6월달에 여러분을 찾아갑니다.
많은 관심과 성원 부탁드리겠습니다. 감사합니다.

This is Road Number One's Lee Jung Woo aka So Ji Sub.
You will be able to watch this year's best show "Road Number One" this coming June.
Wishing for your support & encouragement. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Number One Pix

more pix from Road Number One shooting, thanx to coco @soompi... & cromyo looking dashing ♥♥♥

credit mbc/on pic

So Ji Sub Interview for Road No. 1 from Mydaily

So Ji Sub Interview for Road No. 1
April 26, 2010

by dw4p blog

Q: You’re the lead for a program celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. When you received the call to be in the drama, how did you feel and what made you accept the role?

I did feel a little anxious taking on a huge project that would portray the pain of the war and the [country's] history. But I really enjoyed reading the script, down to the last sentence of all 16 episodes. And on a personal level, it was a new genre for me and I thought it would be difficult to receive a project like this in the future. As we continued filming, I became more confident each day that I made the right decision. I’m enjoying the experience even though it’s physically tiring.

Q: Recent dramas have a tendency to favor soft male characters, while you’re known to play strong male characters. Lee Jang Woo has been described as someone who deals with the various difficulties of life in a myriad of ways. What kind of a character is he?

Lee Jang Woo is someone who accepts the yoke of a person’s life, but is able to develop a path for himself at the same time. Due to the Korean War, he has to experience a heartbreaking love and needs to use all his might to withstand the difficulties of the war. He’s a devoted man who deals with life and death in battle, while agonizing over his love and his friendship.

Q: Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Full Metal Jacket, Thin Red Line, Taegeukgi have all received acclaim as war dramas. Are there any stories or characters that have left a strong impression on you?

I haven’t seen all of these project but I’m sure that Lee Jang Woo from my current project will leave the most lasting impression on me. All of these projects were made to have the viewer experience war, but it doesn’t compare to actually being part of the filming and experiencing it personally. And Lee Jang Woo is a character that I want to keep in my heart for a long time.

Q: Young people from this generation see war as something from a far away land. In that sense, the drama about the 6.25 war is an important project. Have you spoken with any elders or family members who experienced the war firsthand?

I wasn’t able to do that… but I was exposed to a lot of photos and research materials from the directors while preparing for the project. I was surprised to see such horrific scenes on our own soil 60 years ago. After seeing the pictures, I promised myself to do a better job on the project. Since a drama is a window into that era, I remember the staff working to perfect the march route between the north and south and paying close attention to the details of the military uniform.

Q: Being on set, it looked like even the staff suffered from the bitter cold. Wasn’t last winter so cold that it was difficult to be fully immersed in your acting? What was your secret to enduring the cold?

There’s nothing more I can add to, “It was really cold.” We tried to come up with lots of ideas to avoid the cold but there wasn’t much else to do except wait for the cold weather to end. There were times when I didn’t feel like my legs were my own.

Q: What did the two directors, Lee Jang Soo and Kim Jin Min, want from you?

Both directors said the same thing: Be true to your feelings at every moment. Since this isn’t something that a person actually experienced in real life, they stressed the importance of acting realistically and this was something I tried to do. They also said to show a different side, so much so that people would say, “So Ji Sub also had this side to him.” Personally, this is something that I selfishly want in my acting, so I always do projects with this in mind.

Q: People have said that you look good in uniform. As someone who enjoys fashion, were you satisfied with your appearance?

I’m not sure if I look good in uniform, but I now feel the most comfortable with it on. (Laughter) I’m always in uniform besides Sundays. I’ve even laughed to myself after thinking that regular clothes seem awkward and uncomfortable.

Q: What do you want to say to the viewers?

I thought about this for awhile. How to ask you to watch the program since it’s a great project. Thinking about the drama, Road No. 1, I’ve realized what a blessing it is for me to be a part of this project. I’m looking forward to meeting the viewers with such a warm and interesting drama. I want to share the blessing I’ve received with the viewers of the drama. Hope you’re looking forward to it. Thank you.

via Mydaily

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fan account of Road Number One shooting

Another fan account of the same fans ^^

original credit to 青豆燮水晶饺

Translated by Hind

On the 20th , we decided it will be the Gift Day, we'll try to give SJS the gifts we brought with us, we have 4 days to see him & give him the gifts.

Around 6 pm in the same day, the crew called it a day. We saw in that an opportunity to see SJS while he was returning to a parking lot, hehe, our eyes and brain were functioning very quickly. I quickly run into another small road and made sure to leave enough distance , SJS was walking two steps in front of me, i was behind him, he was dressed in black carrying a shoulder bag along with the manager (but please forgive me, hehe, ive seen SJS was with someone but with him in front of me i simply no longer look at the man he was with), I immediately shouted: "Jisub shi, Jisub shi!" SJS heard my cry, stopped and looked at me. That look is still very natural and gentle. I walked towards him & handed him my gift, SJS took it & it was when the time stopped, I was looking at SJS's hands , i was thinking that i should not hesitate to shake hands. Finally I reached out my hand, SJS put the gift to his left, & stretched out his right hand , the hands of SJS were so warm, i had a soft feeling that is super good .

when we finished the handshake i stepped back to let SJS continue his walk , i was looking at SJS back for a long time , that power is invincible, huh, huh. Then I turned to my firends & then back to SJS, he was 4,5 step away. I started shouting: "Jisub shi, Jisub shi!" He stopped once again, turned around and looked at me with a surprise look, implying that what do you want? Then we went towards him, we were looking too small in front of him, and then my friend Yoyo handed her gift, i have to say she's very timid, but at that moment she has been staring straight in the eyes of SJS, his eyes are very sincere, then he slightly nodded, & said: "kang sang mida, kang sang mida". When she was done handing him the gift, she didnt hesitate to shake hands, SJS was holding my gift with his right hand and Yoyo's gift consisted of two bags, but how can she waste this opportunity? So she held out her hand, and SJS again shifted everything to his left hand , & she simply held out her two hands to hold SJS's, ha ha ha. After the handshake she turned and ran, hehe. Then i stood behind them even a few steps away, looked up to watch SJS, and he waved to me, I nodded & waved, im very, very happy, and finally i watched him going on, Ha ha ha.

it was a good evening for delivering gifts, i was feeling very relaxed, and the timing was good, with no interference of the manager, he quietly stood aside watching. The next day came a lot of Japanese food and Korean food to the location, we have been lucky on the timing.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fan account of Road Number One shooting

here's a fan account from our chinese friends @Baidu, i tried to translate it, hope it's understandable ^^ so lucky!!! they gave him som gifts : wine, a Mont Blanc pen, fruits, necklace, hat, rings & much more...

original Credit to 青豆燮水晶饺

Translated by Hind

April 20th :
We arrived at noon to Incheon Airport, took the Airport Road, non stop to the Guiyang Railway Station in Incheon Line 1 to Bupyeong Station and transfered to Metro Line 1 then we could take the 37 Road bus directly to the Bucheon fantasy studios. The mood on the subway was very excited, and the heart racing. When we arrived to the door of Bucheon studio we first asked a security uncle, is Raod NO.1 in the inside shot, the uncle said: "Yes!", then we asked : "is sojisub in ?", The uncle replied: "Yes!" As soon as exclaimed, we quickly bought a ticket, and deposit the luggage , the reception staff are a very warm and courteous people. We went to the B movie & we first met Kathy & several Hong Kong pro-Congress fans. Then we had a positive encounter with SJS, we were very happy. We burst of admiration, and we walk in a circle, to the parking lot and we found SJS car, "Area 10, 1986" .

Kim Ha Neul was making indoor shooting at this time, curtains were hanging, since we know where SJS was, we went back to the front door for our luggage, we took something to eat, & also took bread, while walking back & eating while we were approaching the hospital, one of us suddenly shouted "Su, Su!" & we hurriedly asked, "Where, where?" taking closer looks and turned toward : SJS was coming in our side from the hospital. U cant imagine our excitement and exclamations that he was there, knowing of our existence, and he looked at us silently, face very mild, & with a very gentle look , we exitedly nodded & waved to SJS , and he nodded back to us even with him being busy & waved back too , it's very sweet, Ha ha ha. Then he went on to the shooting, where Kim Ha Neul was filming, the signs on it were pointing it out to be a restaurant.

While SJS was walking, I could shake hands with him , i was so happy & just needs a hug, huh, huh, im still giggling!

This was the first time we met SJS in Bucheon areas, the red house on the left is the hospital, the right is a department store. SJS's car is parked in the parking lot behind the hospital, he generally goes through the hospital parking lot to the studio , so later in this road we could say hello and wave to SJS many times ....

Road Number One BTS

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah BTS BTS BTS !! kkk million thanx to our friends @ Baidu & DC for these awsome pix : Jisub at work ♥♥♥ he bcame so thin *cry* aaaaah ..according to 青豆燮水晶饺 they went to RN1 shooting & saw them filming & when they wanted to part, they said 'bye bye' to SJS & he answered back in chinese aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw & then said 'goodbye' *melt* isnt he the sweetest????

the shooting location :
pic taken on the 23rd
Thanx to credits

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So Ji Sup in Soya & sun MV -Gifs-

im not good at making Gifs but hopefully we have a lot of gifted & talented fans at DC ^^ group hug to you ^^

Credit as labelled/DC

So Ji Sup in Soya & sun MV

The MV is out , at last, i was desperately waiting for not dissapointed in it at all, i love the song, the voices & SJS is HEAVEN in it... oh those sad eyes made my heart ache...perefctly done baby!!!!

credit sonicksaran@youtube

Dl :

Friday, April 23, 2010

So Ji Sup in Soya & sun MV updates

Soya N Sun MV starring So Ji Sub is to be released TODAY, it's almost 2 after midnight here & i cant sleep, waiting for the's a pic ive found in an article , maybe the cover of the CD...

Road Number One Posters

The official posters of Road Number One are out !!! cant figure out why Jisub's poster is so dark & with the beard mmmm yes im complaining, anyway guess it's in purpose of the drama's script or something...i know i knwo it's a war drama... im feeling h's gonna suffer in this series *cry*

credit MBC

Thursday, April 22, 2010

So Ji Sub will attend Bellinger eyewear lunching

updates taken from 3asian & translated by Hind ^^ me kkkk

The Danish high-quality eyewear brand BELLINGER is to be launched in South Korea. This event will take place at the 22d April at 14:00 pm at their new store EYE AVNUE.

A lot of celebrities will attend the show amongst them will be So Ji Sub, Rain, 2PM, Yoon Eun Hye, Han Chae-young & many more.


well at the end, after a long wait, SJS couldnt attend the event held on the 22nd, due to his tight schedule.

Road Number One updates 21-04-2010

Been waiting for some BTS of Road Number One, not much info or pix affailable though :( i had some wonderful fans shred with us from DC, Daum Blogs, soompi & 3asian *group hug*

these ones were taken on the 3rd April
these ones i dont remember when *miane*
have u seen the beard??
this one was taken on the 1st April, My Captain Lee Jang Woo is injured!!! *cry*
this one was posted on DC on the 20April, he's there at the door, have u seen him?? the tall , handsome , fabulous army man kkk gorgeous even from afar!!!