Monday, October 31, 2011

[UPDATED] So Ji Sub's birthday project : twitter trending

UPDATE 3 : 07.11.2011
sorry guys for the late update 
the trending on the 4th was a success, i wanna thank every one who tweeted, retweeted or added the trending topic in their tweets. we couldnt make it to the worldwide trending list, guess cuz of the difference of time zones, but i dont regret launching the trending, it was an opportunity to meet & befriend a lot of Jisub fans ^^
There were a lot of fans from multiple countries & continents, im so proud so many fans love Jisub..he's an internationally loved man ^^
that was our first trending, it was fun..looking forward to another one ^^
huge thanks to u ^^

UPDATE 2 : 03.11.2011 @ midnight GMT
thank you for the votes ^^ greatly appreciated ^^
so the trending topic is : #HappyBirthdaySoJiSub

there are some rules if we dont want it to be counted as a spam :

1. there must be only 1 in the tweet cant be written alone, write sth & put it next.
3. mention @totallysojisub so that i can retweet u .

there will also be a #picspam in case u wanna drool ^^

so come on guys, let's begin our trebding for Jisub ^^
join us on twitter : @totallySoJiSub ^^ 

UPDATE 1 : 01.11.2011 @ midnight GMT
thanks for all the suggestions guys, i love them all ^^ 
so now it's time to vote ^^ please vote for the name u like best ^^ thanks again
the voting will end on November 3, 2011 @ Midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time: GMT)
So which would u like? Vote away!!

So Ji Sub's birthday trending topic :
34th BD for 51Kingdom
Happy Birthday So Ji Sub
Happy Birthday So Ji Sub #51kingdom free polls 


Hi Guys !!

Jisub's birthday is just some days away..ive been thinking about trending something commemorating his birthday on the 4th of November on 12am (follow KST, Korean Standard Time) !
well the whole month is worth celebrating for me, since it's the anniversary month for : my bro, jisub, my sis & me kkk

back to Jisub then ^^
so what i need from you guys is :
suggestions for the trending topic.

i know it's a short time but we can do it ^^

once the suggestions are here, we'd need to make a poll to choose a single one for the "D" day : November 4.

when our trending would make it to the worldwide tranding list, we'd need a capture as a proof, id send it later to 51k keeper & post it in 51k forum ^^ thus making sure jisub will see it .

please leave ur suggestions on the comment section below, the deadline is for november 1st at midnight (Greenwich Mean Time: GMT)

 then we'll be voting till November 3rd  at midnight.

the whole process would just take 2 minutes so i ask for your kind participation ^^

i really hope we can do that, so that may push Jisub to make a twitter account ^^

i dont think the difference of our time zones would be a problem because the trending'll be for the whole 4th November

Any questions, notes, critics would be welcome ^^

So Ji Sub in Giordano

mmm so these pix were shared by our lovely friends at Baidu, i wouldnt mind having the last 2 in bigger & more clearer versions ^^ dont u too ?? & i dont wanna talk about the first pic, ever ghjdfgeufygekfbezk....

Credit Giordano/Biadu

[Scans] So Ji Sub in "High Cut" Vol. 63

sharing some pix i havent come across from "High Cut" edition, thanks to the uploader & scanner ^^ they're huge by the way ^^

Credit on pic via Baidu

So Ji Sub in "MovieWeek" N° 500

to celebrate its 500th edition as well as its 10th anniversary of publication, Movieweek magazine has two special covers, one featuring "the actresses" & the other " the actors". im shoving in the latter of course since Jisub is in there ^^
cant wait for more pix, im loving the fact that he's on the cover with those astonishing actors ^^

Credit Movieweek/on pic

So Ji Sub in Vonin -November Wallies-

Haha huge wallies from the blue style or style blue kkk im sooo loving this pic ^^
Credit Vonin via Baidu

Friday, October 28, 2011

So Ji Sub in Vonin

i definitely wanna be the blue ^^ who wouldnt?? with such amazing pic ?? *faint* please more pix *begging*
Credit : Vonin via dearest CoconutMilk@Soompi

"Only You" / "Always" cute Jisub ^^

these pix seem to be from "Only You/Always" right?? Jisub cant be any cuter kkk still manage to look manly & gorgeous with the hairpin & the mask kkk 

credit on pic/nate

"Only You" / "Always" BTS

love the sportwear on jisub ^^
CTE ^^

thanks to credit/Baidu/twitter/Soompi

"Only You/Always" -new stills-

some new stills from "Only You/Always" to share^^ they're huge ones ^^

credit Baidu

[Video] So Ji Sub & HHJ interview @ 2011 BIFF for "Only You" / "Always"

another interview from BIFF ^^

credit : only51k@YT

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[51k] New Pictures 24.10.2011

these new 51k pix are simply gorgeous..need a new banner sooon ^^
they're huge by the way ^^

credit 51k via sarvin@soompi