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"W Korea" fanart

loving these fanarts ^^

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So Ji Sub in Vivien

i wouldnt mind being with him in the first pic ^____^

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So Ji Sub in Giordano

more Giordano pix with SMA ^^

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[Video] "A Company Man" cast interview

접속!무비월드 회사원 두번째 편집본


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Thursday, September 20, 2012

[Video] So Ji Sub @ Making Dimchae CF 2012

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[Fanvid] So Ji Sub's Guerrilla Date

loving these fan vids ^^

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[Article] Draw So Ji Sub, the Easy Way!

hhhh so cute ^^
Drawing So Ji Sub’s handsome face might be difficult, but a recently posted tutorial has been causing laughter on the internet.

On one online community, a person posted on how to easily draw So Ji Sub. Two photos that were included in the post showed So Ji Sub’s trademark hair and outfits from KBS’ I’m Sorry, I Love You from 2004.

But what stood out were So Ji Sub’s eyes, which were created with the eyes of Confucian scholar, Yi Whang, whose portrait is on the 1000 won bill.

So Ji Sub is known for his resemblance to the scholar, and even admitted it himself in an interview with enews.

Netizens were surprised to find the uncanny resemblance and commented, “It’s 100 percent accurate,” “Good idea,” and “Is this Yi Whang reincarnated?”

Photo Credit: Online Community / enewsworld.mnet

[Article] Actor So Ji Sub’s “Guerilla date on streets of Hongdae”!

September 17th, 2012

Actor So Ji Sub’s appearance in Hongdae caused the entire area to freeze up with fans hoping to see the star.
On September 15th, various online communities and SNS uploaded snapshots of So Ji Sub walking through the streets of Hongdae, with the title, ‘So Ji Sub Guerilla Date in Hongdae‘.
In the photos, So Ji Sub can be seen dressing in black pair of pants with a blue plaid shirt, struggling through the large crowd. The photos were taken on the day of the shooting for an upcoming segment of ‘Guerilla Date‘ on KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘. Despite the huge crowd of people, So Ji Sub’s face was clearly seen.
Netizens who came across the photos responded, “He stands out from the crowd“, “It must’ve been hard for him to get through the crowd“, and more.
Meanwhile, actor So Ji Sub is currently promoting his new movie titled ‘A Company Man‘, which is about a company of hit men. This film will premiere on October 18th.
Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate / ohkpop

[Article] Still cuts of So Ji Sub in a suit revealed from upcoming movie ‘A Company Man’

Upcoming movie ‘A Company Man‘ recently revealed a few still cuts of actor So Ji Sub looking amazing in a suit on set.
The actor stole hearts with the new look, wearing a clean-cut suit and showing off his perfect features. ‘A Company Man’ is about a man name Ji Hyung Do who works for a company of assassins – the plot takes off when he wants to start living a ‘normal’ life. 

For ‘A Company Man’, So Ji Sub worked with actors Kwak Do Won, Lee Mi Yeon, and ZE:A‘s Dongjun.

So Ji Sub commented, “Ji Hyung Do is a person who works his absolute hardest at whatever task he is given. I tried not to overdo anything or look ‘cool’ and worked to look like a normal company man.”
‘A Company Man’ will open in theaters on October 18th!
Sorry So Ji Sub, you still look pretty cool to us.
Source + Image: via Nate  

[Article] Lee Mi Yeon says, “I’ll take So Ji Sub to a deserted island to entertain my eyes”

i would too kk nice answer lady ^^
Actress Lee Mi Yeon said that she would take So Ji Sub with her if she was to leave for a deserted island.
In a recent shooting for MBC’s Section TV Celebrity News, Lee Mi Yeon has shared her feelings about returning to the industry through the movie A Company Man after five years and her first impression on So Ji Sub and Kwak Do Won.
She said, “So Ji Sub still doesn’t talk much, but Kwak Do Won likes to talk and drink.” So agreed with her saying, “Kwak Do Won is just a heavy guy. But he’s like a happy virus in our crew.”
When Lee Mi Yeon, the only girl of the cast, was asked, “Among So Ji Sub, Kwak Do Won, and Kim Dong Joon, whom are you going to take with you if you were to leave for a deserted island?” Lee immediately pointed at So Ji Sub and explained, “The deserted island wouldn’t have a TV, and I need something to entertain my eyes,” and inspired a big laughter.
In addition, you can also check out Kwak Do Won’s taste in women recommended by So Ji Sub and an anecdote that Lee Mi Yeon had to act out a bad singer pretending to sing well because of her previous career as a singer in the movie. The episode broadcasted on September 16 at 3:20 p.m.
Source: Xportsnews / Ohkpop

[Article] So Jisub attends press conference for his upcoming film, "A Company Man"

September 13th, 2012
Recently, actor So Jisub attended a press conference for his upcoming film "A Company Man." Starring actors So Jisub, Kwak Byeonggyu, Lee Miyeon, and ZE:A's Dongjun, "A Company Man" will be about a professional, cold-blooded killer (So Jisub), who wants to live the life of a normal citizen
 Recently, actor So Jisub attended a press conference for his upcoming film “A Company Man.”
Starring actors  So Jisub , Kwak Byeonggyu, Lee Miyeon, and ZE:A’s Dongjun, “A Company Man” will be about a professional, cold-blooded killer (So Jisub), who wants to live the life of a normal citizen. However, as soon as he decides to quit being a professional killer and become a “company man,” his former employers make him their next target.
During the press conference for “A Company Man,” So Jisub was asked for his opinion on comparisons between this film and “Mr.” The movie “Mr.”, which starred actor Wonbin, is also about a person who wants to live a normal life but has a past that prevents him from doing so. As a result, many people have begun comparing the two films because of their seemingly similar plot lines.
However, So Jisub stated that after watching “A Company Man,” he felt that there were actually many differences between “A Company Man” and “Mr.” First, the actor confessed that his role in “A Company Man” is not as charming as Wonbin’s character in “Mr.” Wonbin’s character had a stronger sense of righteousness than So Jisub’s character in “A Company Man.” Secondly, So Jisub stated that after watching “A Company Man,” he saw many differences in the plot as well.
So Jisub was also asked during the press conference whether there were any challenges that he had encountered during filming. He replied, “This is the first time where I’m not the person being shot, but rather the person doing the shooting. In fact, all of the action scenes in ‘A Company Man’ are based on the fighting tactics of the Russian special forces, so it was difficult for me to pick up those skills.
“A Company Man” is set to hit Korean theaters on October 18. Will you be watching?

Source : Korea Star Daily / Ohkpop 

New stills from the Korean movie "A Company Man"


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[Video] So Ji Sub @ DimChae CF (15 Sec) 2012 Sep

lovely ^^
Credit : Nivras16 @ YT

[Article] Killer for hire goes rogue in A Company Man

September 9, 2012

So Ji-sub in a dark, dramatic role? What a surprise.
Here’s a look at his new action movie titled A Company Man, which has a trailer and some stills. It’s got an interesting premise to counter the ordinary-sounding title, and that contrast is the whole point: He seems like your ordinary salaryman employee, only the company’s in an unusual line of work — killing for hire.
The preview starts out with wearied, bleak-looking Ji Hyung-do (So Ji-sub), who seems like an everyday rank-and-file employee. The chyrons read, “Working late five days a week. Working outside the office, no time to rest. Suffering from work-related stress, I am an ordinary company man. It’s just that my company is a little unusual.” Bang! Down goes the hit.

The company operates under a manufacturing front, and Hyung-do is a section chief in its sales department. Which makes me wonder: Why does a contract-killer agency need a sales department? Is this world somehow getting less violent that you’d need to really market your product?
Lee Mi-yeon (Merchant Kim Man-deok) plays his love interest, and it’s because of her that Hyung-do wants out of the company to live an ordinary life. Too bad it’s a lot harder leaving the place than joining it, and that turns all his colleagues against him as they’re mobilized to off him.
Meanwhile, the maknae of idol group Ze:A, Kim Dong-joon, plays a part-time employee in Hyung-do’s department. You can kill on a part-time basis now? Looks like he’ll be one of the new foes who’s put on the hunt. You may recall Kim Dong-joon from that other assassin-for-hire project (though he’s on the other side of that gun barrel this time), Girl K, as the adorable high school boy with a crush on the high school killer.

A Company Man releases on October 18.

Credit dramabeans Via SBS

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[Article] ZE:A’s Dong Jun makes his big screen debut with "A Company Man"

the press conference will take place on the 12th September & the release date is set on the 18th October..
(thanks to dear Cho Ha in FB for the news )

September 06, 2012

Kim Dong Jun, the youngest member of idol group ZE:A, will make his big screen debut in the movie A Company Man.
The movie is about the head of a business department in a contract killer company tries to live an ordinary life. Kim plays the role of a part timer, who works at the killer company but didn’t finish high school and now lives a risky life.
Kim plays a cold blooded and rebellious character but he takes care of his family very well. He plays the key role to make So Ji Sub, who plays the role of a head named Ji Hyung Do, go against the company for the first time. Kim practiced hard for the movie and made the entire crew praise him by showing off his skillful shooting ability. He focused his energy into the movie to dominate the fall.
The movie will be released on October 18.

[Video] So Ji Sub in NH Insurance CF 01092012

another cute CF from NH Insurance ^^
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[Video] So Ji Sub in NH Insurance CF 01092012

omo, the cuteness !!!
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[Video/Trailer] A Company Man

at last a trailer for Jisub's movie "A Company Man"..we've been waiting for like ages..
Credit : Sonisaran @ YT

a way to help Jisub's movie, a request from dear Cho Ha @ FB :
If you have some time, please watch the trailer in the link.
If the click number goes up , it will help to promote our Jisub's movie. 

[Article] Updated cast, stills and added posters for the upcoming Korean movie "A Company Man"

 Updated cast, stills and added posters for the upcoming Korean movie "A Company Man" (2012)

Directed by Lim Sang-yoon

With So Ji-sub, Lee Mi-yeon, Kwak Byeong-gyoo, Dong Jun,...

Hyung-do (So Ji-sub) wears a suit and tie like any other white collar worker... except his profession is murder. He is professional contract killer -- a hitman -- loyal to his employer and regarded as the best in the business. But one day, to the surprise of his colleagues and his enemies, he suddenly decides to quit his job for a woman (Lee Mi-yeon). Seen as the ultimate betrayal, Hyung-do is immediately hunted down by his former employers. Will he be able to escape with his life, much less with his love?
Written and directed by Lim Sang-yoon, "A Company Man" is his feature debut. Previously he worked as an assistant director on the mystery/horror films "The Cut" and "Shadows in the Palace" as well as the melodrama "The Old Garden", all from 2007. "A Company Man" also marks actress Lee Mi-yeon's first feature film since 2007's "Love Exposure".

The film is about a killer in suits and ties like any other white collar worker. The fact that hot star So Ji-sub will be starring at this action melo drama alone makes one look forward to the film. While his previous work "Always" is about love of a boxer, this time it's love of a killer. Hyeong-do is a professional killer working for a company specializing in contract murders. A man loyal to his company and accepted as the firm's best killer, Hyeong-do one day decides to quit his job for a woman he is in love with. Instantly, he is under threat of murder by his former colleagues. The woman So Ji-sub loves dearly with his life is played by Lee Mi-yeon, returning to the screens after a long break since "Love Exposure"(2007). Director Lim Sang-yoon who was assistant director in "The Old Garden" is making his debut with the film, with a script he wrote himself. After 4 months of shooting, the film was finished on December 4th, 2011. The battle for life and death staged by professional killers demanded big scale action with difficulties, and the plan is to present a new visual of action film.

Release date in Korea : 2012/10

 Credit : ( Anglais Coréen ) via

So Ji Sub in Vivien BTS

so handsome ^^



Credit : Vivien FB page