Monday, November 29, 2010

So Ji Sub in Jo Sung Mo's wedding 27/11

On November 23rd, Jo Sung Mo’s agency revealed, “Singer Jo Sung Mo & his fiancée former model and talent, designer Goo Min Ji will have their wedding at the Shilla Hotel in Jangchoong-dong, Seoul on the 27th of this month at 6pm.

Since that day, i was wondering if Jisub will be there..Jisub has been in one of Mo's MVs : Mr Flower/My First as Haruki , one of my everytime fav charecters of adding the youtube link, droolin again on Haruki wont harm at all kekeke

credit gamzadori12

so i was saying i ws wondering if he would go & guess what?? he DID, mmm we dont have much pix though but they're so priceless kekeke he went to the wedding with his hyung SSH

why sitting there all by yourself??

oohhh they're so beautiful ^^ congrats ^^
credit DC/3asian/nate

Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Video] So Ji Sub sheering for Incheon Asian Games 2014

As we all know, well i think we all know that, anyway yesterday was the closing ceremony of Guanghzou's Asian games, the next games will be held on 2014 in Incheon, S.Korea..from now on, we will be seeing a lot of stars/celebraties cheer for these games, yesterday we saw Rain on stage ' he was fabulous as always) & today here's So Ji Sub ^^ a video of him cheering up for the next Asian games was uploaded by DCRN1 & shared by our lovely friends @ Baidu ^^

isnt he the sweetest thing ever???

[Article] So Ji Sub models for new smartphone, ‘TAKE’

Hallyu star So Ji Sub recently participated in a CF photoshoot for KT Tech’s new premium smartphone, ‘TAKE‘, and demonstrated why he’s considered one of the ‘blue chips of the advertising world’ in Korea.

“So Ji Sub recently won the ‘Internatioanl Style Icon’ award at the 3rd ‘Style Icon Awards’ recently, and has been acknowledged as a Korean representative for actors. We thought he would be able to elevate the image of this simple and refined design, as well as the feel of our new smartphone product,” said a representative of KT Tech.

So Ji Sub also participated in the official MV shoot of ‘TAKE’.

The project album, ‘TAKE’, contained a remake of the 1985 smash hit, ‘Take On Me’, originally sung by A-Ha, and covered by ‘Superstar K Season 1′ winner Seo In Guk.

Meanwhile, a teaser commercial featuring So Ji Sub was unveiled on November 22nd, and the full CF is scheduled to broadcast on TV from the 28th onwards.

Source: Hankyung Economy/Allkpop

[Video] So Ji Sub in KT Take CF

the 27th november was the date we were waiting for, the CF for the smartphone Take was out, Jisub was absolutely WOW in it..i loved everything about this MV : the model, the singer, the concept, the song etc etc mm what about you guys??
im posting the 2 ads that appeared before the official MV & the MV itself..
all the credit goes to Itake website, sarvin@SJS soompi thread ( thanx for the dl links dear) & Sonisara for the youtube link ^^

the 1st Ad with 30sec lenght

the 2nt Ad with 15sec lenght


The lyrics:

Take - 서인국

지금 이 순간 어떻게 말해야 될 지 몰라요
어떻게든 그대에게 내 맘 전해야는데
부끄러워도 사랑 고백 하러 갈께요
Take on me(Take on me) Take me on(Take on me)
I'll be gone In a day or two

말할 필요 없죠 나 보잘 것 없는 존재이지만
서툴더라도 차차 삶에 대해 배워갈래요
say after me 후회 하지 말고 시작해봐요
Take on me(Take on me) Take me on(Take on me)
I'll be gone In a day or two

그대의 하는 말들 진실인가요 아닌가요
그대의 모든 것 다 잊지 않고 기억할께요
부끄러워도 그대 사랑 찾아 지금 갈께요
Take on me(Take on me) Take me on(Take on me)
I'll be gone In a day or two
Take on me(Take on me) Take me on(Take on me)
I'll be gone In a day or two

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yoo Seung Ho enjoys a lunch date with fans

some cuteness now ^^ aaaaahh i wish i was there *envious mode on*

Actor Yoo Seung Ho of MBC’s “Flames of Ambition” enjoyed an intimate lunch date with his noona fans at an Italian restaurant in Seoul.

The public evaluation event for MBC’s “Flames of Ambition,” was held between October 5th to the 15th via the drama’s main homepage. The contestants were required to express their thoughts and feelings about the drama, and the winners were given the opportunity to meet Yoo Seung Ho. Out of the 250 contestants who entered, three won first place, and twenty won 2nd. The 2nd place winners will be able to attend Yoo Seung Ho’s autograph session, and will be given a souvenir package from MBC.

Yoo Seung Ho said, This was a whole new experience for me. It was my first time having a meal with fans. I’ve always wanted to meet my fans face-to-face, so thank you for this great opportunity. I hope that everyone will continue to show their support for ‘Flames of Ambition”.

credit Nate /Allkpop/Baidu

Friday, November 26, 2010

So Ji Sub in Take Wallies

i got the feeling that your current wallies got a little bit old, so im sharing these yummy Take Wallies, something to drool at kekeke

1024 * 768

1280 * 1024


[Caps] So Ji Sub in Take teaser

huge thanx to out friends in Baidu for these caps , thanx as well to JSM's soompi thread..haha ive been checking it from time to time since the second i knew she's in the same CF with Jisub kekeke

credit topstarnews /Baidu/on pic

More pix of So Ji Sub as Take model

sharing some pix from various portals of Jisub & Take...not much time left till the CF is out..

credit DC/Baidu/Itake website

[News] So Ji Sub Japanese Fanmeeting

thanx to dear Mariko@3asian for this bit of news ^^

According to the latest news from Jisub will have a fanmeeting in Japan on the 27th February 2011 @ Tokyo International Forum.
we need to wait a bit for further notice ^^

Observer dear , he heard your wish ^^
aaaaah this means pix, vids, fanpix, fanvids, new Jisub fashion & more drooling kekeke

So Ji Sub @ SSH's "Gost" VIP Premiere : more pix

more pix to share from the VIP Jisub attended on the 23rd Novemeber..did i already said that i love the jacket he's wearing?? it reminds me of 2pm's outfits for "I'll be back"..need to check it ^^

credit as labelled

[Video] So Ji Sub @ VIP premiere of SSH's ‘Ghost’

sharing the videos i could find from here & there of Jisub @ SSH's VIP premiere of his movie "Ghost"...thanx to all uploaders ^^

credit ystarchannel2
DL :

[Love letter] from Jisub 17/11

lately ive become quite lazy in translating anything, this makes me remember this article/interview i still have to translate...but luckily we do have Dahee Fanel from JSA ^^ so thanx to her & also thanx to Didi for posting Jisub's Love letter of 17th november & translating it ^^
huge thanx again ^^

Translation by Dahee@JSA

수험생 여러분 그 동안 수고 많으셨습니다.
내일 하루만 더 힘내세요~ 젖 먹던 힘까지!!
많이 떨리겠지만 지금까지 준비했던 시간들이
빛을 발할 수 있도록 저도 응원 할게요~ 아자 !!
대한민국 모든 수험생 여러분 화이팅 !!!

2010. 11. 17

.소 지 섭.

All the students studying for (college entrance) exams, you've worked hard until now.
Just hang in there for one more day~ Using the very last of your strength!!
I'm sure you're very nervous, but I, too, will cheer you on
so that all this time you've spent preparing will bring good results~ Aja!!
All the students writing exams in South Korea, fighting!!!

2010. 11. 17

.So Ji Sub.

he's such a sweet person ♥♥♥

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Ji Sub in SSH's "Ghost : in your arms again" VIP 23/11

mmm no fanpix yet , we'll stick with the press ones ^^ so whenever ill come across new pix ill add them in this post ^^
enjoy ^^

credit as labelled

Yoo Seung Ho in SSH's "Ghost : in your arms again" VIP 23/11

Seunghoya 's been to the VIP of SSH as well, alongside his hyung ^^ he's looking more 'mature' in this outfit, love the leather on him ^^

credit as labelled