Monday, November 21, 2011

So Ji Sub @ VIVIEN’s 2012 Calendar

How can they do this to me??? from hot smexy kjhglkrghrk pix to those lovely dovey huggable ones?? im officially dead !! havent ever thought one day id be jealous of a teddy bear till now!! ashhh i wanna be the teddy bear, dont care, dont care *cry*

 Credit : Nate

[Article] So Ji Sub shows off his soft side for ‘Vivien 2012 Calendar ‘

Lingerie brand ‘Vivien‘ partnered up with top actor So Ji Sub for their 2012 calendar.

So Ji Sub dressed and posed for the holiday that correlated with each month. Valentines Day in February, White Day in March, Rose Day in May, and the list went on with the other holidays.
In particular, Movie Day in November showed a pictorial of So Ji Sub being close with a big white bear.
Netizens commented on how jealous they were of the white bear saying they wanted to link arms and cuddle with So Ji Sub as well.

A Vivien representative replied, “The So Ji Sub calendar will be available in national department stores. On November 21st, the calendar will be available in Vivien shops on a first come first serve basis”.
Fans are anticipating the 14 page calendar and counting down the days to have So Ji Sub hanging on their walls.
Source + Image: SeoulNTNallkpop

[Video] So Ji Sub visiting 51kafe

After theater visit So Ji Sub, Han HHJ and "Always" team came to 51kafe.

Credit : yaitato@YT

[Scans] So Ji Sub in "Vivien" Calendar

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge thanks to our lovely friends @ DC for sharing these scans with us, Jisub is so lovely in them..i wanna have one too, so need to check when & where & how much right??

Credit : Vivien via DC

[Love Letter] 17.11.2011

he couldnt celebrate his birthday till lately *cry*

고맙습니다. ^^



Thank you. ^^
So Ji Sub

[51k] New Pictures "Beauté" Shooting 14.11.2011

some 51k pix from "Beauté" shooting, love the man sitting in front of the piano ^__^ 

credit : 51k

[51k] new slideshow 01.11.2011

sorry guys for the late updates *shy*, been a bit busy lately...
these new slideshow pix are big so CTE ^^

Credit 51k

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"The Employee" BTS pictures

some BTS from Jisub's new movie "The Employee" were shared on DC some days ago, couldnt post them till now.. Jisub looks slim, tall & handsome ^^


Credit DC

Tired So Ji Sub...

dont u just wanna hug him?? the poor thing must have suffered a lot *cry*

Credit : on pic

[Article] So Ji Sub dozes off on set?

Actor So Ji Sub is rumored to fall asleep anywhere, at any given opportunity.

Photos of the star sleeping, with his legs stretched, on the powder room couch have surfaced on the web.  There are also photos of him taking any chance he can get away from the camera, to catch a few minutes Z’s.
The actor frequently sacrifices his nightly rest, saving time to focus more on his role as ‘Chulmin‘ in his drama ‘Only You‘.  He makes up for it by taking short power naps throughout the day.  The photos only further revealed his ambitious nature and passion for his work.
The actor who is already known to be extremely carefree and easy-going now seems even more down-to-earth and low maintenance, making him even more appealing to his fans.
Fans were unsettled after seeing him have to sleep on the couch, but they admitted he did it with style. In regards to the napping photos, they remarked, “The couch looks so short“, “He looks stylish sleeping in his jacket!“, etc.
Source & Image : MyDaily via Nate/allkpop

So Ji Sub in Vivien -Wallies-

did i ever say that i looooooooove  Vivien?? so I loooooooooooooooooove Vivien ^^

Credit : Vivien via Baidu

[Caps] So Ji Sub in "Beauté" CF

some caps from the "Beauté" CF via Soompi ^^

[Video] So Ji Sub in "Beauté" CF

dear, when was that?? Jisub has some ways of surprising us & God how i love a man in front of piano ♥
Credit : 009ik1 @YT

"Only You" / "Always" BTS

omo the poor thing *cry*

Credit naver