Friday, November 26, 2010

[Love letter] from Jisub 17/11

lately ive become quite lazy in translating anything, this makes me remember this article/interview i still have to translate...but luckily we do have Dahee Fanel from JSA ^^ so thanx to her & also thanx to Didi for posting Jisub's Love letter of 17th november & translating it ^^
huge thanx again ^^

Translation by Dahee@JSA

수험생 여러분 그 동안 수고 많으셨습니다.
내일 하루만 더 힘내세요~ 젖 먹던 힘까지!!
많이 떨리겠지만 지금까지 준비했던 시간들이
빛을 발할 수 있도록 저도 응원 할게요~ 아자 !!
대한민국 모든 수험생 여러분 화이팅 !!!

2010. 11. 17

.소 지 섭.

All the students studying for (college entrance) exams, you've worked hard until now.
Just hang in there for one more day~ Using the very last of your strength!!
I'm sure you're very nervous, but I, too, will cheer you on
so that all this time you've spent preparing will bring good results~ Aja!!
All the students writing exams in South Korea, fighting!!!

2010. 11. 17

.So Ji Sub.

he's such a sweet person ♥♥♥

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