Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So Ji Sub in Vivien -more pix-

love seeing Jisub with kids, so cute ^^


 Credit Vivien FB/DC

[Video] So Ji Sub in Vivien 2013 CF -15, 30 & 50 scs-

lovely & cute ^^

15 seconds
30 seconds
50 seconds
Credit : Vivien & uploaders

Jisub Addicts forum closed down

on the 22nd February, the modmins of Jisub Addicts posted a notice on the twitter account of the forum ( JisubAddicts ), concerning the closing down of the forum. you can see the whole detailed tweet in here :  http://www.twitlonger.com/show/l45kl4
that was a difficult & sad step we , as a team of modmins, had to decide.
Jisub Addicts forum was the first forum that made me fall in love with So Ji Sub the actor & the human being through a dedicated staff & lovely members. i wouldnt forget the good memories & wondeful addicts ive met through this forum. it was a heartbreaking decision but our love for So Ji Sub will keep us united & together ^^ *group hug*
fighting !!
Cr on pic

So Ji Sub with souldive & takers in japan FanMeeting

As you may know, for the last fanmeeting in Tokyo, Jisub took with him the 2 bands that collaborated together with him on his last single : Souldive & Takers. we didnt get much info or pix about their travel till Souldive shared 3 parts of the trip on their official blog : http://souldivez.blog.me/
Thank you SoulDive ^^

Prt 1 on 16.02.2013 :

Part 2 on 18.02.2013:



Part 3 on 22.02.2013 :

On the 23.02.2013 :
Jisub sent a wreath of flowers to Souldive to congratulate them for their concert ^^

Cr : Souldive blog & twitter

[Video] So Ji Sub - Sieg Farenheit S/S 2013 Collection

hello handsome ^^

Credit : sieg website

[51k] new Kollection pix 19022013

Credit : 51k

So Ji Sub in Sieg Fahrenheit Spring/Summer 2013 collection

seems like the concept for this new photoshoot is fishing with Jisub kkkk who would refuse?? id run to haha





Credit : Sieg Fahrenheit