Friday, January 17, 2014

So Ji Sub @ Giordano 2013-2014

Giordano !!!!  i'm in love with the second pic @@ ^^
Credit : Giordano

[51K] 16012014 51K update

51k news

This is 51keeper

JISUB is finally on LINE PLAY!

LINE PLAY is a place where you can create an alter-ego of yourself in the form of an avatar, decorate your own room, swap diary entries and chat amongst friends.

Would like to meet JISUB's avatar?

Visit JISUB's room for LINE PLAY now!
LINE PLAY Download :

Credit : 51k

[Video] 16012014 So Ji Sub in Star1 photoshoot 2

As if we could swallow the first video...tsk tsk...
Credit to owner

Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Caps] 15012014 So Ji Sub in STAR1 photoshoot
















 credit : DC

[Video] 15012014 So Ji Sub in STAR1 photoshoot

What a beautiful start for this 2014 ^^
this is a video from the photoshoot of the next STAR1 issue posted on the 15th..i couldnt stay still & not find a way to post in in my blog...again, sorry guys for dissapearing since last year , some personal issues didnt let me come & post as often as i did...
hopefully ill be able to post all the updates u didnt get to see in here step by step ^^ dont worry i have them all saved & waiting ^^
enough talk, go ahead & Watch the vid, he's so dazzling @@ ^^
Oh & i need some reactions on this one, u cant just Watch & go away kkk ^^

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