Sunday, October 31, 2010

[Fan pics] So Ji Sub Birthday Party 31/10 -II-

Here are the pix some generous fans posted for us from the hall entry, the hall itself & the cake ^^

sooooo cute & yummy ^^

[Fan pics] So Ji Sub Birthday Party 31/10 -I-

The first pix are out ... huge thanx to 직츄 at DC

click to enlarge


credit YSS/Baidu

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's Play !!

If you tried to open 51k lately & couldnt, you must have come across this :

you know why, arent you?? im gonna tell you again no problem ^^ 51k will be this coming monday , & so they had to close the website for awhile..
Dont worry, you can always see Jisub pix, how??? by playing a flash game they so cutelessly put for us

& if you got all the pix together you'l get this cute Jisub pic smiling to you ^^

i loved the game, been playing since morning kekeke

dont forget to click the pix to enlarge ^^


Jisub's birthday party : 31/10/2010

Dear Saturn has already posted the informations regarding Jisub's birthday party some time ago :.

2010 Jisub's birthday party
Oct.31 Sunday 3:30pm~
Jamshil Lotte Hotel World 3F Crystal ballroom
no more than 1 day left for all the lucky ones who will be there ^^ please enjoy your time with Jisub, take a lot of photos, dont even blink kekeke

wish to be able to post the pix the generous fans will share with us & vids if any..

Jisub couldnt attend last years's birthday party , he couldnt escape his hectic schedule, but he did come to 2008 birthday party for his 31st sharing some pix ^^ awww im so envious ^^

click to enlarge ^^

credit youngssosa/DC

So Ji Sub to open a Japan official fanclub !!

Is this true ??? i couldnt find another article or link other than soganji blog, it says that Jisub will be opening a Japan official fanclub on 11 November 2010 & here's the link :

any more details anyone??
btw i loooooooooooooove the pic ♥♥♥
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Friday, October 29, 2010

More of So Ji Sub in Max

thanx to dearest Coco@SJS Soompi thread for the below pix ^^ *hug*
As you may have noticed they're from MAX beer, haha funny glasses Jisub is wearing..but they're suiting him haha he looks like an ajushi in here haha what do you think??
click to enlarge ^^

credit Daum

[51k notice] 26/10/2010

안녕하세요 51k 입니다.

51k.com이 2010년 11월 1일부로 새롭게 리뉴얼 됩니다.

개편을 맞아 이용하시던 서비스와 회원체계가 아래와 같이 변경됩니다.

가입국가 : 대 한민국 주민번호를 가진 / 국내외 거주 한국인
기존 게시판 이용 : 가 능
신규 게시판 이용 : 전 체가능

가입국가 : 제 한없음
기존 게시판 이용: 가능
신규 게시판 이용 : 일 부제한

기존 51k 회원께서는 사용하시던 아이디와 패스워드로 로그인하시면

그린회원으로 이용 가능합니다.

오렌지 회원은 그린회원 중 연회비를 지급하고 유료회원 전환을 하신 회원으로

각종 이벤트에 우선신청 자격이 주어지며 다양한 혜택을 받을 수 있습니다.

자세한 안내는 11월 1일 오픈 시 공지하겠습니다.

더욱 풍성해질 51k.com을 기대해 주세요.


Translation in brief :
By Hind

by 01 November 2010, there will be a new

the reform on customer sevice & membership will be changed as follow :

* Orange member
Country : Social security number / Koreans residing abroad
Using the existing board : able to
Using the new board : ....

* Green member
Country : .....
Using the existing board : able to
Using the new board : ....

For the existing 51k members, they can log in with their username & password.
The green profile will be available to the members.

the orange member will have to pay an annual fee.They will receive benefits to various events.

More information will be announced on the 1st November

there is some staff i didnt get, so ill be waiting for more info by monday..
Meanwhile if anyone can provide the missing parts, that'sll be great ^^

Thursday, October 28, 2010

So Ji Sub in Max Beer

Here are more pictures concerning the MAX beer that Jisub was shooting some time ago with the actress Ko Hyun Jung , ive lready posted about it in this post, you can check it out again ^^ Huge thanx to our friends in Baidu for thjeir efforts ^^

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So Ji Sub @ WOWOW event for Road Number One

im posting a compilation of Jisub's pix @ WOW FES event ive found throughout the past days, huge thanx to all uploaders..i personally love the first one ^^
click & save ^^