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[Video] Master's Sun "주군의태양" drama highlights 30072013

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The Master's Sun : Official posters

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[Video] The Master's Sun Press Conference 30072013


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[Article] So Ji sub's new drama, Masters Sun to be revealed

[by Joy Kim] On July 30, production report of new SBS Masters Sun was held at SBS company building, with main castings of the drama.
Master\'s Sun is a story about a couple, woman who is able to see ghosts and a miserly man who is filled with greed. So Ji sub plays Ju Joong won who is a greedy CEO of a company and Kong Hyo jin plays the role of Tae Kong sil who has dark and sensitive character. After an accident, she begins to see ghosts. 
It will show new type of drama, a mix of romantic comedy and horror. Previously, the drama\'s trailer video showing Kong Hyo jin\'s face overlapping with ghost\'s face was released to the public. Its horror images became an issue on internet. 
Actress Kong Hyo jin made a comment that \"I read the worring replies under the trailer video that what if the drama turns out be a horror. However, the base of the drama is romantic comedy. There will be some ghosts but they are not so frightening. What I am worried about is, people disappointed about them.\" She laughed. 
So Ji sub also made comments about the drama. \"Every ghosts in our drama has own stories. They are not frightening creatures but pitiable.\"
For the production report, actor So Ji sub, Kong Hyo jin, Seo In guk, and Kim Yuri attended and had photo sessions.  
Meanwhile, the first episode of the Master\'s Sun will be broadcasted on 7th of August.
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The Master's Sun Press Conference 30072013 -5-

So Ji Sub with the dram's cast & PDnim ^^


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The Master's Sun Press Conference 30072013 -4-

So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin , mmm they're looking good...mmm ^^

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