Friday, November 20, 2015

[ Video ] Oh My Venus Ep 3 Preview

English translation:
Ji Woong: Mdm! You totally look slimmer now!
YH: Hurry and start.
Joo Eun: What should I start with?
(not sure who): Mr. John Kim!
YH: There's nothing that's stopping you now
Woo-shik: Are you her guardian?
YH: No matter what, more than you... (burn, Woo-shik, buuurn)
Joo Eun: Are you speaking informally to me right now? Seriously?
Soo Jin: I'm not joking, Attorney Kang.
YH: From now on, your body... is mine.
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[ Update ] 19112015 So Ji Sub in #OhMyVenus Official pix

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Monday, November 16, 2015

" Oh My Venus" Episode 1 links

in here im gonna post the raw versions & the subbed links when available...
Raw links :

오마이비너스 "Oh My Venus" EP 2 Video & written Preview 17.11.2015


Written preview :
영호에게 한국은 제일 어두운 등잔밑 일줄 알았는데... 아니었다. 스캔들을 피해왔더니 이번엔 ‘가홍’이 영호를 압박한다. 비행기에서의 복통사건이후로 자신의 캐리어와 휴대폰이 영호에게 있는 것을 알게 된 주은은 영호가 묵고 있는 호텔을 찾아가게 되고, 그곳에서 15년동안 연인이었던 우식이 다른 여자와 다정히 있는 모습을 보게 되는데...
It was thought that Korea was the most dark & gloomy to Young Ho... but it isn't. He came to avoid a scandal but this time gets pressured by 'Ka Hong' instead. After the abdominal pain incident on the plane, Joo Eun realized that her carrier and handphone are with Young Ho, so she goes looking for him at the hotel he's staying at, and there she sees Woo Shik, who had been a couple with her for the past 15 years, behaving affectionately towards another woman...
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16112015 So Ji Sub Video Clips from "OhMyVenus" Episode 1

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16112015 So Ji Sub stills from "Oh My Venus"

"Oh My Venus" first episode will air in 15 mns ^^ let's support So Ji Sub guys !! ^^
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[Gifs] 11112015 So Ji Sub in "Oh My Venus" Press conference


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