Wednesday, November 10, 2010

compilation of updates

sorry for the delays, i couldnt update my blog for the last days, had some issues, now im back ^^
i decided to make a post entitled " compilation of updates" in order to write down the past days' updates ^^

1. Giordano updated their website with a new pic of Jisub & SMA both wearing Military Jackets ...well id love SMA's jacket alongside the model next to her kekkeke

2. A new edition of Jisub's book "The Way" was out with a reduction in price *envy mode* the book was amongst the best sellers in Korea..

3. A cute pic shared by our friends in Baidu ^^ seems from Jisub's July journey

4. A gift from my dear chingu coconut milk@SJS Soompi thread , a smexy WP for your computer background ^^

5. The Japanese version of RN1 DVD box1 will come out on Jan. 1, 2011, box2 will be out on Feb. 2, 2011. thanx to Charlesriver@SJS Soompi thread for the tip.

6. News from 51K via Mariko@3asian, SJS will endorse cell phone, a new CF. More information will surely be shared soon.


khin said...

Hi hi my chingu, speaking of Jisub's "The way".. someone will get early Christmas present from the Santa Khin^^. 'cause you're so nice to all Jisub's fans...I bought Jisub's sign book from saturn for you. I paid for the book but she's the one got Jisub's signature.So, send me your address and I'll mail it to you. This is my present from the Seoul. My internet was down at home and will share about my trip later...

kritsann2117 said...

Thanx you for all update to So ji sub.I'm glad to know his news.I will cheer you forever.

Hind said...

Oh my chingu !! i was jumping on my seat the minute i read your comment * happy face* i cant thank you enough, my thanx to dear Saturn as well ^^ im gonna mail you @ soompi ok?? kisses

@ Kristann2117 : thanx for dropping by ^^ keep coming ^^

khin said...

Can you send me your add: to my work e-mail My home internet down since I came back and I can't get into the soompi. Blocked at work also. I can't see all updates (beside yours) and I can't share my 51k pics with you guys.

Nivras said...

thank you dear Hind for updates ^^ look at USA visitors (5999 ^___^)

khin dear wellcome back!!!! ^O^ we are wating for you @soompi ^^ ... hope for fast recovery of your problem ^^

congrats Hind ^^ you are so lucky! hehehe

Hind said...

my chingu's done ^^

@ Nivras : you're welcome dear, need yet to post more updates ^^

emo_VamP@cuLlen said...

can i ask something..
where i can get so ji sub books?
i'm actually from malaysia..
if there anything you know,info me..
thank you..^^,