Monday, November 1, 2010

[Videos] So Ji Sub Birthday Party 31/10

a video is out, heaps of thanx to soganzi ^^

credit 51ganzi

credit YSS/DC

credit saiar89

the last videos were shared by dear Sophia@JSA recorded by her friend ..thanx ^^


lengkeng said...

He's so cute, hi hi.
He's a perfect man. I love him, :x
Happy birthday oppa.
thanks Hind so much for news and clip....:x

blacky80 said...

Thank you very much for the photos, clips and the info about the meeting!
He is amazing in every outfit, in every "black".
It's nice to see him smiling, the smile fits him a lot :)

Hind said...

@ Lengkeng : you're welcome dear ^^

@ Blacky80 : love to see him smile too, & you're welcome dear ^^

victoriafashionhair said...

SOJISUB images of the day was wonderful birthday, he had a smile on his face was very happy, hope that he will have the smile that will forever be in his face...
always thank you so much HIND ..for all the beautiful pictured

kritsann2117 said...

You are the most wonderfou guys.When I see you smile.I have happines,hope you are smilling like forever.Hind,thank you for photo,video and news all of him,thank so much again.

Lavinia said...

Thanks Hind for this....Seeing him happy makes me happy too :) Love his smile dammit :)

hanane said...

thank you hind for the pictures and videos !!!
i love seeing subsubi smilling (il devient de plus en plus beau ) and i like seeing him in black he's great!!!
love hiimmm