Friday, April 29, 2011

So Ji Sub in Cocacola Powerade CF

Omo!! the ad was filmed in Thailand, remember when we suddenly get the news that he went to Thailand not a long time ago?? whe we got those great fan pix from the airport & we were astonished on the why & how?? he was actually there to shoot the CF.
i cant wait for more pix & for the CF to come, love his hair , his clothes, everything about him is gogeous *faints*

One Giordano pic

one sole pic from Giordano to share ^^ love how Jisub looks tall, slender, gorgeous in this pic..

credit Giordano/Baidu

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Article] So Ji-sub looking good in blue sleeveless

Be still my heart !!

So Ji-sub looking good in blue sleeveless

Actor So Ji-sub is the new face for Powerade.

Coca Cola revealed on the 27th, "We have chosen So Ji-sub as our model for the newly upgraded Powerade".

He is currently shooting the movie "Only You - Movie" which is about a boxer who sacrifices for a woman he loves. With high level training it is said that he just like a real boxer.

Maybe that's why his image on the Powerade is so surprising. His face is hollow but his shoulder and chest look beefy. He is to display a rough and wild image in the commercial. The commercial will be released in May.

Source : ( Coréen )/

New VONIN pictures

when i came across the following pix, i was so glad Jisub is still in contract with Vonin, this product suits him & lucky for us to get these breathtaking pix, love the third one, i dont know what'll do if he stares at me like that *crazy girl mode on*
click to enlarge ^^

Credit Vonin/Baidu

Doori haircare CF pix

im speechless in here...


Credit Doori/Baidu

[Article] So Ji Sub & Jo In Sung are the "New 2011 Fitness Looks" for the upcoming ‘Infinite Challenge

So Ji Sub & Jo In Sung are the  "New 2011 Fitness Looks" for the upcoming ‘Infinite Challenge

summarized translation by: hmonggirl30

This new episode of 'Infinite Challenge' adjusting the 
“New 2011 Fitness Look” hopes to be a hit this summer. The setting of this challenge will collaborate with the world's most prestigious private school rowing team. Since March, the rowing team have been training some of the permanent cast members from Infinite Challenge.

To adjust to the speed of the paddle boat, Infinite Challenge will add one more to the 'single scull' which will make it nine players altogether from the originally eight. This new episode of 'Infinite Challenge ' the members will work hard on portraying the 
“New 2011 Fitness Looks” of actors: So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung, Won Bin & Hyun Bin. Addition to that, there will be special guests on the show to portray the ‘New 2011 Fitness Look’ such as idol groups: 2PM, 2AM & Big Bang. The show also hopes to receive special guest from the actors themselves.
image credit as tagged

wish he'll have time to appear on the show, been a loooooooooooooooong time since he did...

"Only You" BTS pictures -5-

some BTS pix from "Only You" shared by the owners via DC or Baidu ^^

credit on pic/DC/Baidu

[51k updates] Official 51k Goodies

thanks to Leena@Soompi

credit 51k

[51k updates] New pictures 18.04.2011

are those ones for me??? *shy face* 

close ups *faint*

Credit 51k via Sarvin via April

[Video] BTS clip of "Only You"

a BTS video appeared online on the 18th April 

Credit 009ik1

[Article] The best combination of a couple?

This year started off with human drama ("Late Blossom") or comedy dramas ("Suicidal Forecast"). It's not easy to see a heart trembling mellow flick. Which couple from the mellow flicks that are due this later half of this year, are audiences looking forward to see the most?

 "Only You - Movie" So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo

Traditional mellow movie, "Only You - Movie" is soon to be released. "So Gan-ji, So Ji-sub" and young beauty Han Hyo-joo have the Chungmuro looking forward to it.

"Only You - Movie" is about a destined love between a former boxer Cheol-min who has lived a weedy life, and Jeong-hwa who doesn't lose her smile even with a dark future ahead of her. Director Song Il-gon showed confidence in the two actors' beautiful but sad love story, "True emotions will convey to the audience".

Source : ( Korean )
Translation : Hancinema 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[51k - Love letter] 15 April 2011

[Love letter] 요즘 소식
작성자 51Kingdom 작성일 2011-04-15 오전 11:06:10

안녕하세요? 소지섭입니다.

저는 열심히 촬영하고 있어요.

오래간만에 색다른 장르를 만나니 기대도 되고 긴장도 되네요.

저는 아주 건강하게 촬영 잘 하고 있습니다.

건강 걱정은 안하셔도 될것 같네요. 그 보다는 기대와 관심으로 응원해주세요.

늦은밤 훌륭한 야식 ! 감사했어요. 최고예요. 



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So Ji Sub signs 2 new CFs

thanks to dear Mariko@3asian for these news :

Jisub signed for 2 CFs , with  :

1. 코카콜라 파워에이드 Cocacola Powerade  

& with :


they were confirmed by 51k Here in "Karrer" corner ^^

----> that means more work for him *poor baby* & more pix/vids for us *lucky us* kekeke

who's enjoying the news??????
Me, me me me me me me me me me me me ^^..

So Ji Sub in Thailand 09/10.04.2011

Dearest Coco @Soompi shared the news that Jisub was in Thailand on the 9-10th April for a CF shooting..some lucky fans could catch a glimpse of him in Suvarnabhumi Airport on the 10th April. No one has seen this coming, nothing was said in 51k either as far as i know...
anyway im sharing the pix & vids uploaded by the lovely & kind Thai fans ^^ huge thanx to them ^^ Jisub was wearing a CH white hoodie plus my favourite sunglasses ( they remind me of the unforgetable D2K event) ..he signed autographs & waved to the fans oooh my!! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Ji Sub the boxer

He's looking soooooooooo goooooood , Jisub darling please be careful kekeke

 im posting some parts of an article from drambeans :
So Ji-sub is playing a boxer for his new movie Only You, which means that the actor’s busy these days with physical training to get into fighting form. In the movie, he plays a tragic hero who’s losing his skills, who falls in love with a woman who’s losing her eyesight (played by Han Hyo-joo).
So Ji-sub is pretty on top of his workout regimen under normal circumstances, so he’s already more than halfway there. He’s just stepping things up with the boxing practice, since he’ll have to be believable enough to face off (in the movie) against real-life K-1 fighter Whi Seung-bae. Not that he’s a stranger to playing tough guys — he’s pretty much made a career out of it (I’m Sorry, I Love You, Rough Cut).

Only You began its first shoots on March 31, and is currently busy filming. It’s planning a fall release.
Credit dramabeans

 Credit Various websites/Baidu

loved this one made by our beloved friends @ Baidu