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[51K] 20130924 new Kollection pics -Master Sun-

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[51K] 20130916 new Kollection pics -DimChae-

wanna eat him haha ^^
한 입!
One mouth
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[51K] 10092013 new Kollection pics -Master Sun Stills-

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[51K] 03092013 new Kollection pics

Sieg Fahreinheit pics ^^ love him with glasses ^^
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[Video] Master Sun Ep 14 Preview [주군의태양]

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[Video] So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin - Master's Sun - Making of Hug Scene Ep11 - 201...

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Written Preview of Master Sun Episode 14

Official Written Preview of Episode 14:

태공실은 자신을 기억하지 못하는 주군 때문에 겨우겨우 마음을 추스리는데 죽을 거 같다. 새 로운 마음으로 대학 복학을 결심하는데, 갑자기 영매사 고여사가 찾아와 죽은 처녀들을 모아달 라고 하고...

Since JooGoon can't remember her, Tae Gong Shil barely holds up her heart in place, but feels like dying. When she is determined to reinstate into university as a new start, spirit matchmaker Madame Go suddenly appears and asks her to gather dead girls (virgins) and......

(c) SBS
Translated by: Soompi Thread

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[Article/Spoiler] The Master’s Sun Episode 13 Review: Hwang Sun Hee Approaches to So Ji Seob with a Purpose

Sep 19, 2013
In The Master’s Sun, episode 13, Han Na(played by ) approached to Joo Joong Won(played by ) with a purpose.
While Joong Won was in a coma, Han Na came to visit him at the hospital room. She said, “Wake up, Joo Joong Won. I’ve been waiting for fifteen years till the statue of limitations run out.” Joong Won woke up, and the first person he saw was Han Na.
Joong Won, who lost his memories of Tae Gong Sil(played by Gong Hyo Jin), saw a fairy tale book and realized he could read now. As he asked who the book belonged to, Han Na replied, “That book is mine. I brought it here the other day. I love that book. I’m so happy that you read my book right after you woke up.”
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[Article/Spoiler] The Master’s Sun Episode 13 Review: So Ji Seob Recovers Dyslexia

Sep 19, 2013

In The Master’s Sun, episode 13, Joo Joong Won(played by ) recovered dyslexia.
Previously, Tae Gong Sil(played by Gong Hyo Jin) went to see a psychic to ask her to save Joong Won’s life. The psychic took away his memories of Gong Sil, and when he woke up, he could not recognize her at all.
However, Joong Won’s dyslexia got recovered. He said to himself, “Wow, I can read! Did I get hit by a lighting or something?”
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[Article/Spoiler] The Master’s Sun Episode 13 Review: Gong Hyo Jin Sells Her Spirit to Save So Ji Seob

Sep 19, 2013
In The Master’s Sun, episode 13, Tae Gong Sil(played by Gong Hyo Jin) sold her spirit to save Joo Joong Won(played by So Ji Soeb).
Joong Won got stabbed near his heart, and his heart stopped for a bit. He met Gong Sil as a ghost, and left with telling her that he loved her. Soon, his heart started to beat again, and Gong Sil had to find the way to recall his spirit.
Gong Sil went to see a psychic, and begged her to save Joong Won’s life. The psychic said, “Then You won’t be able to live the way you want. Will you give yourself as a sacrifice?” Gong Sil answered, “I can be anything to make him come back. Please call him back.”
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So Ji Sub in Giordano

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[Download link/Subbed vids] "Master's Sun" Episodes -13-

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Torrent for RAW links :
EP 13 
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[Article] So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin, and Seo In Guk's parental instincts kick in with child actors on the set of 'The Sun of My Master'

So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin, and Seo In Guk couldn't help but fall for the adorable child actors on the set of 'The Sun of My Master'!
The hit SBS drama released the BTS photos of the trio making sure that the child actors Lee Do Hyun and Hong Eun Taek can still take time to be kids on set. So Ji Sub, who plays the rough-on-the-edges character Joo Joong Won, was careful to not scare the child actors with his cold image while acting by smiling and laughing with them during breaks.

Gong Hyo Jin also put her motherly instinct on display as she not only looked after the kids but chatted with them as well. Meanwhile, Seo In Guk got especially close with the child actors as the friendly uncle who jokes and goofs around with them.

With the cast getting along so well and their chemistry evident on screen, it's no wonder the drama's received a one-episode extension!

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[Article] Master’s Sun preempts Wednesday episode for holiday

September 17, 2013

Just a heads up: There’ll be no Master’s Sun this Wednesday. Boo. Hiss. After much, MUCH vacillation, SBS has finally(?) decided to preempt Wednesday’s episode of in favor of Chuseok programming. Which is understandable, since Chuseok (which falls on Thursday) is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, and regularly scheduled television programming during that week is often pushed in favor of specials and movies.

It would sting a little less if SBS hadn’t been so wishy-washy for weeks deciding what to do with Master’s Sun, which was maybe getting an extension, then no definitely NOT getting an extension, then still talking about extensions, and NOT preempting, and then preempting after all. The show set to follow, Heirs, had originally planned for an October 2 premiere but pushed that back to October 9 in the past week or two. SBS stated that it could slot in a short drama special for a week, back when they were saying Master wasn’t getting extended.

Master’s Sun will air Episode 13 on Thursday, and will not air 14 this week. That puts the show off pattern for the rest of its run, prompting the question of whether SBS will extend by one more episode so the final week gets two full hours. Huh, what a handy way to get an extra episode out of a show that wasn’t going to give it, I’m just sayin’. Over on MBC, Two Weeks will air both episodes as scheduled. KBS will be airing Chuseok specials this week, and new melodrama Secret premieres next week.

The Master’s Sun preemption is particularly frustrating given that last week’s Episode 12 cliffhanger was a heckuva nail-biter — what a terrible way to leave us hanging. Feel free to vent, but an earnest plea: NO SPOILERS! That includes Episode 13 preview talk, though spoiler-free speculation is fair game. Don’t make me go over there.

If you must, please be considerate of spoiler-phobes among us and use spoiler tags:

Via TV Daily / dramabeans

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So Ji Sub in "The Master's Sun" BTS -19-

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Written Preview EP 13

Official Written Preview of Episode 13:

주군의 영혼이 돌아오지 않자 초조해진 공실은 죽음과 삶을 얘기하던 영매사 고여사를 찾아가고, 공실의 삶을 재물로 삼는 거래를 하게되는데...

Because JooGoon's spirit is not coming back, nervous GongShil meets the spirit matchmaker Madame Go, who talks about life and dead, and makes a deal to make her life into riches, but......

Cuz of Chuseok Holiday, 'Master's Sun' will only air one episode this week, on thursday.
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[Video/Download link] Seo in guk(서인국) _ No matter what(겁도 없이) (Master`s sun(주군의 태양) OST P...

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Release Date: 2013.09.17
Genre: OST
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Track List:
01. 겁도 없이 (No Matter What)
02. 겁도 없이 (inst.)

Download Single

[Video/Download link] Melody day(멜로디데이) _ All About(올 어바웃) (Master`s sun(주군의 태양) OST Part 6)

Credit : LOENENT
Release DAte: 2013.09.11
Genre: OST
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps
Track List:
01 All About
02 All About (Inst.)
03 Dirty Hands
04 Sad Wave
05 Water In The Sky
06 Like A Mosquito
07 Making Shadow
08 High Jump
09 Lake Wave
Download Single :

[Video] So Ji Sub - Dimchae CF 2013

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[Engsub+VietSub] So Ji Sub Dimchae 2013
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[Video] So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin - Master's Sun - Making of Ep 10 - 2013.09.17

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So Ji Sub in "The Master's Sun" BTS -18-


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