Friday, December 31, 2010

So Ji Sub's New Year Greetings

In order to wish his fans a happy new year, Jisub wore Hanbok .

this is the first time Jisub wore the traditionnal hanbok & stood in front of a camera for a photoshoot., with a boyish smile on his face & squeezing his hands as if to bow for the fans
" i had a warm interest from my fans throughout the year & so i want to thank them deeply. im wishing you an enchanted , healty year. Happy new year." He said

credit as labelled

love him in hanbok, i cant remember everseeing such pix of him before...

TAKE Style Event

Some pix were shared by dear Mariko @ 3asian concerning a TAKE event..for more info you can check the website below ^^

Thursday, December 30, 2010

[Magazine] So Ji Sub @ Grazia Dec. issue:

another Japanese magazine had pix of Jisub while he was promoting RN1, they were shared by our friends @ Baidu ^^

more close ups shared by kei

Road No.1 Promotion event : More pix

Im back ^^ well it's not that i was travelling or something, i was just fangirling the past 2 somewhat 'matured' So Ji Sub addiction was a bit overflowed by my fangirling for the chic idols MBLAQ *shy* yes well you cant really imagine this grown up girl doing this but i did kekeke i also need my MBLAQ dosage from time to time kekeke
that said, back to business ^^

im posting some new pix from the RN1 promotion event Jisub had in Japan for Wowow tv , the first pix can be found in :  Here 

Huge thanx to dearest Coco @ SJS soompi thread ^^

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[Video] So Ji Sub 'Hallyu Tourism Train'

here are some videos of the event, huge thanx to all the sweet & kind uploaders ^^ will add more if i find any as usual ^^

credit sonisaran

credit qtsister

vod by 소갤 직츄님

[Fan pix/Account] So Ji Sub 'Hallyu Tourism Train' -II-

Our dear Saturn posted her fanaccount on SJS Soompi thread, she's been with Jisub on the 25th & sooooo close as well ^^ so lucky ande?? ^^ thanx soooo much dearest Saturn ^^
Dec.25 Tourisom train with Jisub
8:30am, Jisub came to Seoul station to say good morning to fans.
He didn't go by train, but his car.

 11am At the opening ceremony in Chuncheon station

 Buses for touring the Chon cheon area.

Jisub got in the bus and handed cookie to all people.

such a lovely gesture from Jisub ^^

[Fan pix] So Ji Sub 'Hallyu Tourism Train' -I-

im posting the fanpix shared by So Ji Sub fans who were with him on the 25th December, the first ones were uploaded by 직츄 @ DC , they're huge & she's lucky to be this close to Jisub ^^ 

Please take out with full credit
credit 직츄 @ SJS DC
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credit 직츄 @ SJS DC