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[Article] Round 3, "Bridal Mask", "I Do" and "Ghost - Drama" last

While all the KBS 2TV, MBC and SBS dramas have taken off their veils, KBS 2TV "Bridal Mask" lead the way and SBS "Ghost - Drama" came in last.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, "Bridal Mask" on the 30th rated 12.7%, MBC "I Do, I Do" rated 10.5% and "Ghost - Drama" rated 7.6%.
The three programs were generally well reviewed. "Bridal Mask" was said to have had a quick development and "I Do, I Do" caught everyone's attention with its cheery scenes just like the romantic comedy it is.
"Ghost - Drama" poked in everyone's curiosity with the first episode starting off with an actress' death, giving it the name "Sign" season 2.
However, it was the only drama that rated in single digits. So Ji-sub and Lee Yeon-hee are the leading Hallyu stars here but it still came in last and reminded everyone that the success of a drama doesn't have anything to do with a star's stardom.
However, it is too early to be disappointed; KBS 2TV "The Equator Man" rated 7% at first but was acknowledged for its quality and rose up to first place. Therefore, "Ghost - Drama" has many possibilities to recover.
"The Bridal Mask" isn't all at ease as well. The layout of the drama and the performances were outstanding but Jin Se-yeon's awkward action scenes and other supporting actors are not as favorable as the other leading actors.
This is the start. With a 5% difference between the first and last drama, the drama plate might show changes anytime now.
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[Video] Preview for the 2nd episode of "Ghost"

2012 05 31 유령

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Download link] "Ghost" Episode -1- (30.05.2012)

the 1st episode just ended some minutes ago, it was real loving it & cant wait for tomorrow's episode ^^
im gonna post the download links for the 1st episode in this post ^^ 

Links :
1.Torrent Link E001
(King / 720p , OMG / 450p)
(TP /450p , Khai / 720p)

Credit : semi-fly @ Soompi

2. RS :
Credit : Kpopella Team

[TUTORIAL] Options to Watch"Ghost" s Live Broadcast Online

The drama "Ghost" is scheduled to air 9:50PM KST every Wednesday and Thursday.
 Premieres May 30th 2012

If you want to know what time it airs in your timezone, click on this link:

List of Links to watch "Ghost" online:

To watch online streaming, simply click on this link and you’re all set to watch: SBS GHOST

To watch online streaming, click on this link: TIYUBA. Choose SBS.

(OPTION 3) SoLive

  • Once, you’ve registered, go back to the SoLive Player, and Log-in (yellow button)

  • Choose SBS HD from the Channels list on the right.

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[51K Updates} Pix Kollection 29.05.2012

amazingly amazing ^^

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So Ji Sub the Judoka

i love Jisub in Judogi kkk have to learn more about judo now ^^

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Video] "Ghost"유령 Cast on SBS radio

mm what r they doing?? maybe promoting the drama on air?? they look cute anyway...they recorded this on the press confernce day, they're all wearig the same clothes as in the PC kkk

Credit : SBSNOW1

[Article] "Ghost - Drama" So Ji Sub so charismatic in judo uniform

The scene of So Ji-sub attempting at Judo for the first time in his life has the attention of female viewers.

So Ji-sub is taking on the role of cyber investigator Kim Woo-hyeon in the new SBS drama "Ghost - Drama".
In the scene of So Ji-sub doing judo, the opposing partner is Choi Daniel. The two men in the drama are close university friends.
This scene was taken in a gym in Yongin University. Apparently the gym was crowded with students of the school trying to get a peek look at So Ji-sub and Choi Daniel wearing white uniforms and black belts.
According to the production, So Ji-sub never lost his smile during work and always made effort to do well in teamwork with his fellow actor friends. His judo skills were apparently quite outstanding despite the fact that it was first time trying it out.
Meanwhile, "Ghost - Drama" will be aired on the 30th at 9:55 PM.

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So Ji Sub in Powerade

some pix were shared on the web of Jisub's photoshoot for Powerade..ones we havent seen before.. *sigh* he lost so much weight...
click to enlarge

Credit : DC/Nate/Naver

[Video] "POWERADE May.2012 CF" Making

do you remember the Powerade CF Jisub made in the begining of this month?? yes this one ^^ here's the making video of it..i always love watching making vids of CF, MVs or anything..

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[Video] "Ghost" Interview

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some pix :

Credit : Naver

[Video] "Ghost" Press Conference

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"Ghost" Press Conference 22.05.2012 -7-

Group pix ^^











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