Friday, November 26, 2010

[News] So Ji Sub Japanese Fanmeeting

thanx to dear Mariko@3asian for this bit of news ^^

According to the latest news from Jisub will have a fanmeeting in Japan on the 27th February 2011 @ Tokyo International Forum.
we need to wait a bit for further notice ^^

Observer dear , he heard your wish ^^
aaaaah this means pix, vids, fanpix, fanvids, new Jisub fashion & more drooling kekeke


Nivras said...

ohhhh very good news! ^^ thanks alot ...
dear, your banner is great as always ^^

kritsann2117 said...

I'm glad to have news of you always,it's good news for Ji sub's fans.Thanx dear,if he came to Thailand. I'm fell very happy.

Hind said...

@ Nivras : you're welcome dear^^ thanx for your sweet words ^^

@ Kritsann : that's great news, he's thinking about his overseas fans, im sure he's already thinking to visit his fans living in other countries as well..let's be patient ^^