Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Summary from YSS birthday party 31/10

the birthday party YSS made for Jisub & for his fans, koreans & overseas ones was one of a kind..Jisub was able to see his fans & his fans were able to see him, talk to him & take plenty of yummy pix ^^
Here are two accounts talking about the event & what happened in there ^^


the first one is credited to dear Dahee@JSA:

Apparently Jisub only stayed for about thirty minutes at the end. Most of the party was comprised of videos and games between fans to decide the lucky five people who would get to receive presents from him, and the three who could give him the present of a TV that Youngsosa had bought for him (and they all got a hug as well!). (The three came out with the box, but Jisub revealed that he had actually revealed the TV the previous day, and had already set it up at home.) When Jisub came out, they all sang a song Youngsosa had prepared for him, and he blew out the candles on his cake. He opened some presents and read some letters out loud, and when he saw the gift of a fedora from a fan, he immediately switched the hat he was wearing for that one. They then had a three-minute photo time where fans could take pictures of him. He talked to fans on the stage for a while, and then at the end he went around the entire room so that all the fans could see his face up close. And then they all went home.
Oh, I forgot to add: Jisub announced at the party that his next project will be a movie. He hasn't fully decided which movie yet, though, because there are still some things left to hammer out. But yeah, he'll be in another project soon enough!

the second one is credited to Charlesriver@ Soompi who did share with us some of what was said through this event...heaps of thanx dearie ^^
love the "Who's gonna use it with me?" ^^

Based on the YSS bday party videos, minami008@baidu managed to translate some. I roughly translate it to English ---

among the gifts, one contained two cups. SJS said "Who's gonna use it with me?"
He said on the 4th, he had to work but will have a dinner party.

when he read one letter from a fan, SJS read the name, then said the content is a secret between she and him. :P
About the TV from YSS, he promised to take a picture of it (and he did).

If he has a chance, he likes to be on Infinity Challenge TV show.
He will give a concert if he accumulates enough songs.
And he said he didn't anticipate so much requirements on being an actor, not simply to act. Some of the things are at the starting stage...hope (the fans) to trust him a little longer. (I wonder if it's about 51K he was referring to.)

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