Monday, November 1, 2010

[Fan account] So Ji Sub Birthday Party 31/10

ive been waiting for dear Saturn's account ^^ Youngsosa made a great birthday party , im praying oe day ill be there with them...again huge thanx to all the great fans who shared with us this unique experience ^^
enjoy the account ^^

My review of birthday party

This is the video filmed by me.

The TV is a gift from fan club Youngsosa. We all did rock-paper-scissors to choose who would give it to Jisub.
Lucky 3 fans brought out that big TV box on the stage. They pretended it's a real TV.
But Jisub himself exposed the secret. "This is an empty box. I received and installed the TV at home yesterday."

The hat he is wearing is one of fan's presents. He was wearing a different hat when he came out.

Af first we all played O/X game about Jisub. Those questions were made by Jisub.
Actually I chose all correct answers, until about 20 people (out of 600) were left.
But after that, I chose wrong answer. (The question is from his book, The Way. A location name. I didn't read it carefully.)
Only lucky 5 fans could go on the stage, took presents from Jisub and hugged him.

After the event, some of my close fans had a beer party. Many soompiers attended.
It was so glad that I could see them in person who I could talk on-line only.

Soon the official pictures and full video will be released by Youngsosa.

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kritsann2117 said...

Wish you happy forever,I like your smile,love you.