Monday, October 4, 2010

Yoo Seung Ho in "Flames of Desire"

Yoo Seung Ho's new drama began to air on MBC this saturday 02 October, it's a weekend drama ( Saturday/Sunday). The drama is entitled " Flames of Desires". Seung Ho is alongside Shin Eun-kyung , Jo Min-ki & Seo Woo.

Kim Min Jae (Yoo Seung Ho), 21 years old
The 2nd generation son of a conglomerate family. He is someone with a pure soul and has a habit of dancing out all his sweat and pain until he falls whenever he feels lonely or having a hard time to get rid of his unhappiness.
He is compassionate towards the woman that he loves despite her ugly past and will even give her a warm hug when she needs it. As the owner of his own fate, he doesn't have to change the way he is even if the secret of his birth is disclosed.

Caps from the 1st episode from FOD thread @soompi/Vivian

u can check one of the trailers in this link : tudou

the drama seems intersting to me , for besides Seung Ho, there's Shin Eun-kyung, i've only seen her in "Bad Couple" & i loved her acting, a totally different character than in this one, the character is & i quote from Dramabeans "described as a chameleon, the character can run both hot and cold depending on what she wants at the moment, making her a force to be reckoned with." awwww i love such characters kkk

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