Sunday, October 3, 2010

So Ji Sub tattoos

there was a lot of talk about Jisub's tattoo lately, thanx to Atn for the link at soompi & for the hint at the shout box ^^ , we got to see more pictures of Jisub & the tattoo guy & read about the processus ..
The tattoo guy speciality is the tattoo design/painting, he's really an artist, ive been through the pics of his works@ his blog & wow, he does really knows what he's doing..
anyway, they said that the manager called him, asking him for an appointment for the next day, he already had a full schedule but managed to safe an hour for her in the midst of his schedule.
the next day, he was shocked to see Jisub walking through his door haha He was expecting the manager ( a woman) haha
they had to make some sessions in order to come up with the desired tattoo, which he made Jisub sign haha

then they started the work. they were listening to hip-hop. We all know that Jisub is a quiet person, not too much of a talker, the tattoo artist just discovered that day haha He said that Jisub was calm, queit, not a talkative person, giving short , serious & honest answers .

in a while they become hungry so the manager brought them MCDonald, he said it was delicious haha

when he finished his work, he told the manager that he needs to see Jisub in 2 weeks time, in order to check if everything's alright & to take pix, the manager said that Jisub understand that haha so cute.

As promised Jisub came back two weeks later, the skin was completely healed.

then they took a pic together with the tattoo ^^

the first pictures where we saw the newly added tattoo was in Arena Homme, we wasnt sure whether it was a fake or not till the above pictures appeared, so it means Jisub made it before the Arena shooting was scheduled, the skin seems healed & fine to me

In the first tatto Jisub had , as you can see ther's a bit difference between the first time we saw it (the right pic) & the last time we saw it ( the left pic) seems that he made some changes to it, the eye seems more alive if i can say so & there's more colour

my point of view :
well as a fan , im always supporting Jisub in all his decisions, personnal or formal ^^ He never dissapointed me & dont think he will, because of his personnality & the way he sees things are a more realistic, smart ive ever thought.
ive always liked the small & cute kind of tattoos being a girl but for the boys, that's not really their favourite as ive seen so many times..back to Jisub's tattoos, i really liked the first one so much when ive seen it, it made Jisub a more mysterious man , he surely has his own point of the view of the matter, he always dreamt to have a hotel, he always said that & still do, so that was a way of keeping his dream alive for him, to remind him of it
the second tatto is the same , as far as i can see , it's another reminder of his dream , besides the 51k he so much loves, & my heart tells me it's a way to let us , his fans, know he loves us..
overall he seems more handsome with it right??haha *fangirl mode on*

pix credit to 3asian/aprolife


pheezymum said...

i don't like tattoos,but,i think an "inked" Ji Sub looks even hotter!!!!

kari oloughlin said...

there are two people in this world that made me change my opinion about men with TATTOOS, Alex O'loughlin/Steve McGarrett in the famouse american TV show HAWAII FIVE-0 (one yummy HOT & Sexy Aussie/american actors *sigh*) & Jisub the most gorgeous Korean actor i've ever seen, both of them are my all time fav actors in the whole world :)
thank you so much for the AWESOME article about Jisub, very sexy <3
PS: you can check Alex's wooow tatts just by typing: Alex O'loughlin's tattoos,they are amazingly sexy ;)

daisy lubguban said...

Hello!thanks for posting this article in English. I'm from the Philippines and I was introduced to Ji Sub in Memories of Bali. I always admired men with abstract tattoos like. I was thinking of having one but had second thought since I am female and not in the entertainment industry where it is acceptable as a body art. I have a big crush on Ji Sub and so happy to find articles in English. Thank you so much for this... <3<3<3

Valerie Rose Ebreo said...

He's cute handsome and sexy