Friday, October 8, 2010

51k updates : New pictures

Thanx to Ella for the hint ^^

Jisub uploaded new pictures on his website, love how he teases us kkk

a cup of 51k tea, id like one too
reading his fans letters
funny how tiny the camera looks kk
Playing with Kiki, she really did grow well ^^
mmmm what are you writing in there??
lookig cute in there, can i come too???
credit 51k


lengkeng said...

thanks, I love those pictures
Subbie's so Kute
Thanks for links,
I love Subbie so much
and love your blog

Pajhoua said...

I swear, Merc got him a small camera like that when he came to NYC last year. hmmm, I just don't remember how it looks like. Maybe merc might remember. ekekekekkekeke gosh he's so handsome. I'm in love.

victoriafashionhair said...

It's wonderful for all those nice pictures of him in real life...although in real life and in film there are many differences ...BUT .... he always was wonderful in the heart of our....
We are love you ..SOJISUB ...

Nivras said...

THANK YOU HIND! I miss you here ^^
these are very nice pix ♥♥♥ specialy kiki & mini camera! kekeke

Hind said...

Lengkeng, Victoria, Nivras : thanx for coming by dearies ^__^
Didi, did Merc say anything about the camera?? hope it's the one she gave Jisub? she'll be very glad to see him using it ^^

Pajhoua said...

hind, merc isn't sure if it is hers...I was there when Merc bought it but I don't remember how it looked like. I should do some investigating. ekkekee. We bought it from Urban Outfitters in NYC...

Hind said...

Didi dear you should have taken pix of it to keep as proof kkk but i sooooo wish it's hers though ^^