Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jisub's birthday party : 31/10/2010

Dear Saturn has already posted the informations regarding Jisub's birthday party some time ago :.

2010 Jisub's birthday party
Oct.31 Sunday 3:30pm~
Jamshil Lotte Hotel World 3F Crystal ballroom
no more than 1 day left for all the lucky ones who will be there ^^ please enjoy your time with Jisub, take a lot of photos, dont even blink kekeke

wish to be able to post the pix the generous fans will share with us & vids if any..

Jisub couldnt attend last years's birthday party , he couldnt escape his hectic schedule, but he did come to 2008 birthday party for his 31st sharing some pix ^^ awww im so envious ^^

click to enlarge ^^

credit youngssosa/DC


Nivras said...

I'm on firrrrrrrrre! hahaha see Khin & fan pix/vids that will be in his BD

~(^_-)db(-_^) /

Hind said...

@ Nivras dear : haha im giggling too ^^ just a day to wait & there will be floods of pix again *jumping with joy*