Saturday, October 2, 2010

Park Hyo Shin & Park Yong Ha

i just need to post about this, i was wandering around Park Yong Ha's Baidu bar, yes i miss him so much, & i came across this piece of news, it's such sweet & lovely one..on the 25th September Park Hyo Shin, one of Yona's best friends, was helding his ‘2010 Gift2 Live Tour‘ at the Seoul Olympic Stadium . He sung some of his songs & one of the new tracks of his upcoming album. Anyway, the point is he did sing a song of Yona in a tribute to his friend, not sure about the song's title, maybe 'summer', well im not 100 % sure, hope someone can confirm or correct me, so i was saying that was the highlight of the night, pictures of Yona appeared on the screenwhile he was singing tears were falling while i read this *sigh*

been actross the same news in the late & beloved Yona's thread @ soompi, taken out by Yuzupeach21 from Park Hyo Shin's thread
On Sept 25 and 26, the first 2 days of Park Hyo Shin's concert, PHS dedicated some tribute for Yong Ha... He said that it's Yong Ha's wish to stand in the same stage and perform together....but now it could never happened, so he will consider Yong Ha on stage with him at the concert. He sang Yong Ha's song called, "Map in the name of love" with a slideshow of Yong Ha's smiling pics on the big screen.

Then, he sang "After Our Love". When he sang "After Our Love", it showed the extended version of Yong Ha's singing the song, then PHS took over the singing right after. On the big screen are the slideshow of images of Yong Ha and PHS in the MV and when they shot the MV together.

I got to watch the clip in youtube, although I haven't found the one that shows PHS sang (the fancam shows the big screen on the stage only), but when he sang, it really sounds like that he meant to say those words in the lyrics to Yong Ha oppa. I can feel the heartbreak especially when he sang the part of :
"I try calling out for you, and turning around, I see only memories of you.......You know? Don’t you? If you know, why are you doing this?"
He cried on the last line of the song and even seems like he's on the breaking point of the overwhelmed sadness on the second day when he sang it. It's really heartbreaking..
the audio of this part
EDIT : the video above was taken out from Youtube , thanx a bunch to Visualbeans for providing another link of PHS's Gift Live tour...
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