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[Translation] Arena Homme Interview

dear Charlesriver posted a translation of Arena Homme on soompi & im shoving it in here, Much much thanx Charlesriver.
A stands for Arena & SO for Jisub of course ^^

소지섭流 (So Ji Sub Style)

So Ji Sub does not belong to flower/pretty boy style, nor hormone raging macho style.
So Ji Sub does not belong to any style, only belongs to his own So Ji Sub style.

People like to categorize certain things, in Republic of Korea, a popular actor will be categorized as handsome flowers (mi nan?), or actor's/character actor whether he likes it or not. But So Ji Sub is different. He does not fit into any of these groups. He is unique in a way that people only remember him as SJS. So what is the true face of SJS?

So came in, held out his hand, with his low (not causing water to ripple) voice saying hello, I'm So Ji Sub. Hearing that voice I can't help remembering the line from MISA "hug me". That low and deep sound squeezed out of his lips like coming from a deep well. The lines came from his mouth touched people's heart, embody a sense of loneliness...

It should be me to first say hello, to first go hug him and first to hold out my hand. The image of So Ji Sub makes one feel there is a wall built up by him started long ago. His presence comes from this image.

From a actor a bit far-fetched to be known as star, all of sudden SJS stood on the (big) star list, but when the moment people began to recognize his face and name, he seemed to avoid it. Give the feeling of even trying to call him, he only looks back gently, then leave.

When SJS is at the position of choosing any project as he wishes, he made directional yet inconsistent choices that confuses people. His Japanese yasha movie, low budget movie directed by new director, and worked with Zhang Ziyi in a mixed up love triangle movie, and came out as rap singer G. Even though changing the image is the fate of actors, but the image changes of SJS are too big. That makes people wonder what's the true face of this man. Right now among the big stars, who can change like him not following the normal rules? One thing for sure, SJS is an unpredictable man. So Ji Sub chooses his project without careful calculation (I disagree!). No matter what others say, as long as he likes it he's gonna do it. It doesn't matter if it fails. He likes to try this and that (different roles). That's because SJS is not a star suddenly falling from the sky. He clearly knows the comings and goings of popularity and fame. If fails/set back, just starts all over again. Comparing to public reputation, it's more important to be truthful to himself.

The recently published "The Way of So Ji Sub" is even more so. Famous people publishes book usually uses a ghost writer. But SJS does not even allow others to put a punctuation mark for him. Asked him why, the answer is very simple, because it's not him. Even without pretty words, but full of his heart.

SJS does not choose the road others have traveled through. He insists on walking his own road even costs him extra efforts. Not swayed by others' criticism, only listens to his own inner voice. The result is SJS has a unique sense of place in the Republic of Korea like a breath of fresh air, everywhere, and nowhere kind of man, this is So Ji Sub.

part two

A: What kind of joke at the beginning when we meet (as ice breaker)? Think of a good one or will mess up the situation, ha ha,
SO: not necessary..

A: Any subject to avoid?
SO: ah .., not yet.

A: Today the weather was cold, somehow I think you'll like cloudy days?
SO: like the dark days with strong winds.

A: curled up at home weather?
SO: Yeah, but it seems the kind of day a lot of people like(?)..

A: I heard you are very difficult to interview?
SO: used to be, not hate, but really nothing to say, perhaps because I was a athletes for a long time, only said what's necessary, better now....

A: more experience, right?!
SO: When I was new as an actor, instead of saying I like acting, it's more accurate to say I have no choice. Now it is something I like to do. So I learn the need to let others understand me is necessary. If not to say much, sometimes it can lead to misunderstanding, so you can say I change naturally, right?

A: sometimes there are comments saying SJS is rude/stuck up..
SO: in the past this really hurted me, I just do not speak, but it caused great misunderstanding. When asked I just gave a simple answer. (silent for a while) Like now, in a quiet atmosphere, I really like, and familiar with this quiet, but most people seem can't stand it. I just do not want to say hypocritical lies, just be honest. But some people in ordinary relationship, they prefer packaged image.

A: 16 years ago when your debut as jeans model, at the time flower boys were popular, your image was too specific, unacceptable level?
SO: Yeah, double-fold eyelid, beautiful men were popular. In fact, the directors I met always said to me that I will not be successful with this face, fast to find another way (to make a living). Countless unreasonable thing (said to me).....

A: Now is the era of Yoo Seung Ho's face looks like you becomes topic!!
SO: cannot say I have self-confidence, there are many many who are better looking. But it seems now is the era to recognize personality/charisma.

A: when as a rookie under the (unfavorable) treatment in that era, how did you survive?
SO: then there was no other way, because even had problem to feed myself. Originally I just wanted to stand behind the singer I liked as a model. I did not expect that singer's death, so unexpectedly I became a model with SSH ..

A: never had big desire, people also advised you to give up, must thought of giving up back then ?!
SO: Even now there are moments I have this kind of idea.

A: Why?? As rookie I can imagine, now a big star?!
SO: Loneliness. the sense of loneliness when by myself, the loneliness with ten persons, the loneliness with a thousand people are different. Actors look gorgeous, after return home only to face oneself, being alone. For example, in two million viewers I am just alone in the sense of loneliness ... and sometimes it really hits me very hard.

A: What a shame now to give up when you are so big?
SO: Yeah, who knows? This is the era to be remembered, also too quickly to be forgotten.

A: In short, now you are the male symbol, which means it's your time now. Too great? Is the feeling of hands and feet bound? Or feeling proud?
SO: If I must pick one, is to feel bounded, haha .. of course, as a actor, some will say you are the best, but I do not think so. I think if you want to maintain the present position defensively you can only be eliminated/replaced. So even if just one step, to go forward in order to maintain the status quo. In short, I feel a bit embarrassed for those praising phrases.

A: Ever imagine of becoming famous before being an actor?
SO: absolutely not. Even before Bali, perhaps the thought of living life just as an actor of sitcom/daily dramas.

A: Now you are a superstar, it would be fate, right?! ..
SO: Perhaps, although not a fatalist, but think there is a causal thing. In order to have this thing, that thing happened(what?)...

A: better to describe you as rational rather than emotional?!
SO: yes, and pessimism in the character, always start thinking the worst.

A: In fact, you played a lot of tragic figure and received high praise, because the impression of your face?
SO: used to feel inferiority complex of my eyes, single eyelids giving a feeling of sadness.

A: Some cannot imagine you play a light/comic role?!...
SO: I always wanted to play that kind of role, the next TV series I want to select a romantic one!

A: do you have to change the image?
SO: I do not have the idea of using one image to be the decisive winner. If the script is good, I always like to challenge myself with different roles.

A: That is the face of an actor rather than a star's choice?!
SO: Yeah, think of me as a person to film as a monster in Japan, actor should constantly challenge himself, is he not?

A: Your uniqueness is here, you looks like a rational person, but look at the choice of your works, there is the feeling of being hit by you?! After returning from military service, you made film Rough cut with a new director, low budget. How did you even consider it?
SO: After reading the script, didn't think about anything else, just wanted to play him (Gangpae). Who the director or costar playing opposite me were not important.Of course, some actors may consider these, I think the movie basically depends on the script. I would consider as long as it has a good script.Of course, I understand you think I picked that kind of script is a little strange, but having that kind of choice is because I'm an actor. As a person SJS may not be so reckless, but actor So Ji Sub can. As long as I like, I'll have to act the role. Successful people may feel fear of losing, for example, movie Rough Cut, some people doubt it would exceed a million people on the attendance, in fact it reached 5 million attendances (really?!). I am not a star from the beginning, I slowly climbed from the bottom. Of course, I know the taste at the lowest point, and have my fear, but most of the time I'm more calm/at ease, if I fail, just to start all over. Besides, wish all the projects to be successful is not possible. With the ups and downs one will learn and make progress.

A: The failure of "Road Number One" has that meaning?
SO: Although the ratings are not high, but that work over time, will be re-evaluated!!!

A: Where does 51k come from?, So many numbers, like 51 is the first time I encounter..
SO: like the feeling of just over half, not full. 49 and 51 seem similar, but very different. On the contrary, 99 and 51 are almost the same in a sense. K is the first letter of kingdom in English, I like the feeling of a Kingdom, I also have my own world.

A: If want to be close to you, it seems need not have the same interests, but time, a long time?! ..
SO: Yes, talk to each other, joking, drinking with each other, these things accumulated bit by bit producing the feeling of closeness. I believe the weight of the accumulation of a sense of belonging. Of course, with good impression likely to become close soon, but there exists a wall in the middle with a sense of emptiness, and will not be a true friend.

A: Before becoming a star, you can have a one on one relationship, and now you want to make friends .. should be more difficult cuz a lot of people are coming for your fame?!
SO: there are many people like that now, much more difficult to make new friends!

A: Recently, making new friends?
SO: One. A good friend has gone to a better place (died), he left me with a good friend...

A: As for the friend who left, too soon to ask questions?
SO: not to ask (too soon to answer any question about PYH)!

A: Start working together with people, will continue long?
SO: used to be. Now if there is some thing happened I don't like, I won't say anything, but will never work with that person again. Of course, If I pointed out at the time, the correction can be made, but that will ruin the atmosphere, that would not produce good work!

A: Actors are always being talked about, any particularly thing bothered you?
SO: In fact in the past, that was very common. Now looking back, it's nothing because it was not me, now I do not care. When I'm wronged, those who knows me will understand. It's ridiculous trying to explain to everybody. And it's not possible to have everyone as your friend. Having a secret love affair I really cannot do, I'll be exposed!!

A: What is your motto?
SO: Even reborn, will not change my belief and perseverance to my dream!

A: Reborn again do not change. what does it mean? Does that mean you satisfy with what you have now?
SO: not as the position of an actor now, but re-enters the world, I have the same heart to people, and my beliefs will remain unchanged, even the same if I come back (in next life) as a woman! (boy this is deep! :))

A: faith in the human heart and what is it?
SO: to treat friends and relatives as treating myself, do not lie ..

A: like yourself?
SO: I do not have good character/personalities. Good personality and like oneself are two different things. I like my own unique image.

A: In fact, many women like you, thought about not you like woman but being liked by a woman?
SO: Yeah, really happy to hear the kind of words, but I do not know why, why I would be the ideal type.

A: But now it's common to engage in a love triangle? (not sure if this is the question)
SO: Yes and no ... in fact, I belong to focused-type, if I fall for someone, I don't see others at all. But recently I'm a bit confused, getting old to be engaged in romantic stuff. People around me there are some engaged in love affairs, think of the crushed dream
when breaking up, the horror of making to public, it gets more and more difficult to fall in love ...

A: You are thought of as the most masculine actor. It's unthinkable of you to feed ice cream to your girlfriend.
SO: Of course I can do that but do it naturally.

A: What do you think of masculinity?
SO: masculinity is an unique flavor/character of that person, can feel it from someone, but not by action or some languages that can be learned.

A: If tomorrow is your last day in this world, what will you do?
SO: My happiest moment is in my quiet space to sleep quietly. I want to go quietly...

A: After the interview, what to do immediately?
SO: Back to 51K. There's photographic interview...

A: another busy day?
SO: That's OK. Because of me, let people have some thoughts I'm satisfied.

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