Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WOWOW event for Road Number One : In brief

I wasnt in the event (sadly) , but ive read some fanaccounts of the generous fans who were there, so im gonna write what happens in brief, & please correct me if im wrong ^^

The event was mainly a talkshow with Jisub & his co-stars, they were asked many questions, Jisub is said to be quiet & calm, waving from time to time to the fans & smiling throughout the event even when he's tired.
The MC asked the three stars to write down their favourite number & thus there will be three lucky fans who'll win 3 autographed posters.
YKS wrote 77; KHN 5 & Jisub didnt write anything & said his favourite number out loud : 51 ^^
They talked about the kissing scenes in RN1, KHN said that the number of kisses she's done for the drama is more than in all her works haha
when asked about the kissing scenes, Jisub said that he used to be prepared by brushing his teeth as much as he can haha
Because of the dangerous scenes he had to shoot, Jisub was sometimes hurt & had to go for the hospital *cry* He said that once he had some debris in his eyes & had to go to the hospital.
The shooting was reral hard , they used real dynalmite. YKS said because of that his hand was bruised.

The following pictures were shared by kei1313kneel.blog..

costume exhibition

the goodies that the fans could buy

a magazine as well

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