Friday, October 22, 2010

So Ji Sub Updates 21/10/2010

yesterday there was some articles talking about a new Cinematech theater.. it turned out that some Korean stars ( check the pic above) including So Ji Sub who will donate their fees to this compaign..Jisub will donate his MAX beer CF fees to this purpose.

Ive been across the following pix while browsing DC

the first one seems from the Cosmopolitan shooting if we take a good look at the hair
this one from Dimchae shooting if we take a look at the clothes
the following ones are some offscreen pix, Jisub was spotted somewhere with his 51k stuff..looks like a café but not sure..semms like he's in a meeting

SJS taiwan fanclube & thread

mmmm he's wearing a mask ... he deosnt normally...wonder what's wrong ....

according to this article , it's a café ^^

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Nivras said...

dearest , thanks for Cosmopolitan & Dimchae pix ^^
I like these kinds of 'moments hunting' ^___^