Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So Ji Sub Birthday Party

As you all know, Jisub's birthday is on 4th November, & each year , Jisub's official fanclub Youngsosa prepares a birthday party , sometimes Jisub can come & sometimes he cant because of his schedule..this year HE WILL BE THERE !! i can see the ones who decided to be there jumping on their seats right now kkk ^^

the information of the birthday party was shared by dearest Saturn @ soompi thread, so here you go ^^

2010 So Ji Sub's birthday party by Youngsosa

1. Date : 2010 Oct. 31 (Sunday)
2. Location : CGV Art Hall
3. Time : not fixed
4. Application : Oct 8~ Oct 14(500 persons only)
5. Post a line at youngsosa fan cafe. (So you must be youngsosa member
Nickname / real name / accompany 1 person(name) / phone number (click hidden message)

Ji Sub attends.

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