Saturday, October 23, 2010

So Ji Sub @ SFW , Sieg Fahrenheit show 23/10

While i was asleep, Jisub went to Seoul Fashion Week .. yes im that far from Korea *cry*
i love his outfit, even the green boots look great on him ♥♥♥
im quoting dearest Saturn's account from soompi..yes she could go, attend & see Jisub ^^
Jisub looked great as alway. But he was quiet and looked sad. He skipped the photo zone, directly went into the hall.
Fahrenheit Homme is men's wear, but the first model was a woman, actress Choi Yeo Jin. (from I'm sorry I lov eoyu)
She was gorgeous. Her walking was powerful and sexy.
Next to Jisub, there was president Kim of 51K holding flower. After the show, Jisub gave that flower to the designer.
There were Ricky Kim (of On Air), Oh Jong Hyuk(ClickB ), Julien Kang, Shin Seong Rok, Lee Tae Seung... many actors.
Jisub did a big hello to Julien Kang, and they exchanged phone number. :)
The show was not crowded, so we could choose good seat. We could see Jisub so close and took picture of him freely.

After the show, we fans went to Gimpo airport to say goodbye to him. He went to Japan for the promotion of 'Road number one'
check the pix ^^

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victoriafashionhair said...

YES..!! SOJISUB..he looked sad..but..looked at him in gentleman is elegant and very luxurious....

Nivras said...

always BEFITTING ^^
dear Hind ... from past up to now it was my question. does SJS has facebook or twitter page for himself?
do you know about this?

Hind said...

@ Victoria : yes he looked great in that suit, i was hoping he'll wear another colour than black hehe

@ Nivras : dear i havent come across either FB or Twitter accounts of Jisub, i dont think he has any, no 51k notice about them...