Sunday, October 17, 2010

So Ji Sub updates

So Ji Sub was spotted some time ago (Posted here) shooting some photos in a nice café, the photos were shared at DC RN1 by 장우넘버원 , thanx so much for the links dearest Regina ^^ i owe you dear ^__^
he seems tired to me, isnt he??? his hair got longer

click to enlarge

such a sweet look
oh how i love his hands
this smile *faint*

seems there's an interview as well ....


victoriafashionhair said...

WOW ..look at him with a long hair and no-style, I hope the style of his hairdresser....should more attention for hairstyle of him ....

khin said...

Should get him pony tail..the most gorgeous man..thx my chingu..

Nivras said...

WOW these are very clear! *faint*
he is madly fashionable even in simple shoots ^^
thanks dear Hind ♥♥♥ ... and dear Regina & DC friends ^^

Hind said...

Awww my chingu i almost fainted imagining him with a ponytail kkk

Nivras dear you're most welcome, love his style too ♥♥♥