Sunday, October 24, 2010

[Fan Account] So Ji Sub arrival to Japan 23/10

another fan account by dear angel_green888 @51k...seems like they werent allowed to take photos snif snif but you can imagine how Jisub looked from the description of both fanaccounts glad there were fans to welcome Jisub ^^ thanx thanx ^____^


WOW FES! 2010한국 드라마 'ROAD No.1' 프리미어(premiere) 시사회&출연자 무대인사

WOW FES!2010 Korean Drama 'ROAD No.1' Premire Preview & Stage Greeting

WOW FES!2010 韓国ドラマ「ロードナンバーワン」プレミア 試写会&出演者 舞台挨拶

Thank you very much for coming to Japan that thanking for your a lot of trouble, So,Jisub.

Yesterday (10/23) , Mr.So,Jisub has arrived at the Haneda international airport around 19 o'clock.

I also have met him in Haneda International Airport.

Shokei has written in detail, please see previous notice sentence (4951)↓.

He is thin and super-suitable handsome with Black in whole.

Fresh, he has walked while greeting with shaking hand.

Thank you really though it is not enough rest from yesterday either.

I was glad that he has greeted with a smile turning around though my friends who had been lining up in the different location also had said a similar thing when calling, "Jisub see!".

Because taking a picture was inhibitted, these pictures are appearances of the lining fans before he came.

The Haneda international airport opened newly two days ago. It was a sightseeing spot of popular like Disneyland now and it crowded on the first weekend. Therefore, though there were a lot of people who were waiting by the onlooker …, too

It is cold in Tokyo tonight. It seems to rain when the weather worsens more than the schedule and the night comes as it is cloudy today (the 24th).

Fighting for the 'WOW Fes! 2010' events of Tokyo Midtown today.

There are a lot of friends of the So,Jisub fan that sees 'WOW Fes! 2010' events at home in relay telecast's being done with WOWOW because these tickets were very difficult to get. I am going to Tokyo Midtown with my daughter and my friends without ticket. There is exhibition of clothes, and Goods is sold …

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