Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yoo Seung Ho's "Flames of Desire" press conference 29092010

the press conference for Yoo Seung Ho 's new drama " Flames of Desire " was today, the other leads are : Shin Eun Kyung, Jo Min Ki and Seo Woo .
Yoo Seung Ho plays a warm-hearted chaebol heir, while Seo Woo plays a popular actress with a whole lot of anti-fans, who races toward success. Rumours eventually swirl about their relationship, and the two of them eventually get married
The Flames of Ambition is written by Jung Ha Yeon (La Dolce Vita, Shin Don), and directed by Baek Ho Min (Assorted Gems). It plans to premiere on October 2nd.
credit Dahee's blog

Now the poics ^^
Seung Ho with Jo Min Ki

with Seo Woo, haha they're still awkward with eachother, so cute ^^

with Shin Eun Kyung
the four leads together

the whole cast
credit as labelled

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