Saturday, September 25, 2010

So Ji Sub wins the ‘Contribution to Cultural Exchange’ award at the 47th Daejong Film Awards

Hallyu actor So Ji Sub won the ‘Contribution to Cultural Exchange‘ plaque at the 47th Annual Daejong Film Awards, which was recently held on September 25th.

So Ji Sub participated in the opening ceremony of the show as an award winner, and received his plaque from the secretary of the Ministry of Culture.

So Ji Sub said, “First I would like to thank you all, I did not think I would receive this award” and “Since I’m an actor, I will put my best effort into acting and help expose Korean movies to the world.”

He continued, “Next time I will definitely come back with my own movie.”

The ‘Contribution to Cultural Exchange’ plaque was created just this year, and it is given to the actor who has been able to successfully contribute to the cultural exchange between foreign countries.

credit allkpop

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