Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Ji Sub updates

just a quick note before im off to do my chores, ill be back with translation & more updates later ^^


Yesterday there was a note from 51K on SJS official website, it concerns the essay book 'The Way', there will be more signing events in October

* 2/10 @ Daejeon : the first signing event will be at 12pm & the second one at 5pm

* 3/10 @Busan : from 1 to 2pm

not sure yet about the locations, seems Kyobo's connected libraries though..

so expect more pictures, videos & fanaccounts to come kkk

Anyo ^^

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Nivras said...

Hi dearest ^^
AWWWWWW thanks thanks, another set of pix & vids are cominggg~ ... *dancing with joy*